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Best times to bank your Ang Bao cash in 2019!

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Maximise your huat! Your what? Maximise your prosperity in 2019 by making sure you get to the bank to deposit your Ang Bao money at your most auspicious time.

This year the day of Li Chun falls on February 4, just one day before the first day of Chinese New Year on February 5.

You don’t have much time so get ready early and set your diaries according to your Chinese Zodiac sign.

Check out this cute chart from Budget Direct Insurance. It tells you exactly when and what time you should be heading down to the cash deposit machine.

Ang bao 2019

If you want to ‘be extra huat’ then head to the bank dressed in this year’s lucky colours especially for your sign. In any case, be prepared for long queues at the cash deposit machines!  

Your lucky colours?

Rat: Pink, blue, white.

Ox: Gold, red, green.

Tiger: Red, white, beige.

Rabbit: Saffron,orange, green.

Dragon: Pink, white, blue

Snake: Green, brown, red.

Horse: Pink, white, red.

Goat: Blue, red, yellow.

Monkey: Pink, white.

Rooster: Yellow, cyan, pink.

Dog: Pink, beige, blue.

Pig: Yellow, red, white

As well as being busy at the bank, Li Chun is also a good day to launch a new business or start a new job – let’s hope you’re not stuck in a bank queue for too long then!

So where does the tradition of Li Chun originate? Li Chun means the beginning of spring in Chinese and traditionally was an important day for farmers to pray for a good harvest and a prosperous year.

A quick reminder about the etiquette of Ang Bao-giving.

  • Notes, preferably new ones, should be given in even denominations and the amount will depend upon who you are giving them to.
  • Avoid the amounts of $4 and $14 as this is considered inauspicious. The number 4 is similar to the word for death in many dialects, that is unless you have any Teochews relatives, in which case the number 4 is lucky!
  • In general, older people give to younger ones and married to unmarried.
  • For children anything from $2 up goes, depending on how close the children are to your family.
  • For people who you normally see for a service, like your barber or hairdresser, round up the amount you usually pay them to a lucky number.

And remember giving Ang Baos is a symbolic gesture so don’t fret about the amount you are putting in! At Budget Direct Insurance we believe that giving your time and spending quality moments with your loved ones is more precious than giving big Ang Baos. Huat ah!

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’s vital to have good travel, car and motorcycle insurance cover.

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