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A Grateful Customer's Journey of Recovery with Budget Direct Insurance

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At Budget Direct Insurance, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to provide exceptional service and support to our customers. We are humbled to share the heartfelt gratitude from a valued customer who experienced our commitment firsthand. 

Mr. Wee embarked on an adventurous trip to Mongolia through a travel agent, seeking to explore the country's beautiful landscapes and culture. However, his mini adventure took an unexpected turn, when the tour van he was travelling in suffered a burst tyre and flipped over during the journey back to the hotel from a mountainous area. 

Amidst the chaos, Mr. Wee's safety-conscious decision of wearing his seatbelt may have saved his life, despite rendering him unconscious. He was promptly taken to a local hospital with limited resources, and subsequently transferred to a larger trauma centre where x-rays unveiled severe injuries. These injuries included multiple rib fractures, nasal fractures, and a skull fracture. 

Faced with a critical situation, the local medical team requested Budget Direct Insurance's assistance in providing an air ambulance for his safe return to Singapore. An urgent call to our emergency services provider, Across Asia Assist (AAA) brought their medical expert's opinion that Mr. Wee's skull fracture might potentially be life-threatening, and they advised immediate evacuation.

Speedy and Efficient Evacuation 

At Budget Direct, the health and safety of our insured customers are of utmost importance. We quickly assessed the situation and made the critical decision to proceed with the evacuation. With utmost efficiency, we managed to arrange an emergency Gulfstream G150 Air Ambulance with a professional medical care team on board, to fly directly from Singapore to Mongolia for his rescue.

Upon arriving back in Singapore, Mr. Wee was immediately taken to the National University Hospital (NUH) for further evaluation and treatment. Our Assistant Claims Manager, Justin Wong, personally attended to him, and the medical officer handling the evacuation was amazed at Mr. Wee's stable condition and conscious state during the flight, considering the severity of his head injuries.

Exceptional Care and Support 

Mr. Wee, who is a professor of engineering, expressed his profound gratitude for the exceptional care and support he received from Budget Direct Insurance. The 62-year-old acknowledged that our prompt and decisive actions, along with the choice to evacuate him to Singapore, potentially saved his life.

At Budget Direct, we believe in choosing the most effective and reliable options to safeguard our insured customers during emergencies. While there were alternatives for treatment in nearer countries like China, our commitment to Mr. Wee's well-being led us to make the surefire choice of bringing him back to Singapore, where the medical facilities and expertise are unparalleled.

Assistant Claims Manager, Justin Wong, added: ‘’The response time for this critical decision was remarkably swift, and we take immense pride in how quickly our team acted to ensure Mr. Wee's safe return and prompt medical attention. Currently, he is still undergoing tests at NUH, and we continue to stand by him in his journey of recovery.’’

This heartwarming experience further reinforces our dedication to our customers and motivates us to continuously go above and beyond to provide the best support and care during their time of need. At Budget Direct Insurance, we are honoured to be part of Mr. Wee's recovery journey, and we extend our deepest appreciation for placing your trust in us. Your safety and well-being will always be our top priority.

From your dedicated Claims Team at Budget Direct Insurance  

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