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Baggage delay. What to do when you arrive but your bags don’t

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It’s that sinking feeling ….you’ve waited patiently by the carousel for your case and now you are the only one there. A few bags are still doing the rounds, plus a battered looking cardboard box, none of which belong to you.

You know your case isn’t coming up. So what do you do and how are you covered?

First things first Always keep your baggage receipts when you check-in, this will make tracking your luggage infinitely easier. Also, it is essential on any trip that you have good travel insurance. Budget Direct Insurance provides excellent cover if your baggage is delayed or lost. You can decide between a Basic or Comprehensive policy and this will determine your cover.

With Budget Direct Insurance you will get cash compensation for every six hours your baggage is delayed, compensation for lost luggage as well as for lost money and travel documents.

Head for the baggage claim office

This is usually in the baggage reclaim area and you’ll need to fill out a form. Get a copy of this or take a photo of it. Note down who you spoke to and the time.

Ask what happens next and how you can contact the airline to enquire about your bag. Try to keep calm and remember lost luggage is a daily occurrence for staff and they are not emotionally attached to your bag like you are!

Ask about reimbursements or compensation from the airline and a number to contact. Most airlines will give “reasonable” expenses for you to buy underwear, clothes and toiletries. Keep all receipts.

Getting on with your holiday

You’ll be leaving the airport empty handed but most bags do turn up and your airline should call and arrange to courier your bag to you. It may be easier to go back to the airport and pick up your found bag. Annoying but quicker.

If your bag is truly lost it may take a couple of weeks for the airline to acknowledge this. Get this in writing in order to claim compensation as you will be covered under your Budget Direct Insurance policy.

If you travelled on a connecting flight with two different airlines then it is usually the last carrier who has responsibility for finding your bag, but check this with all the airlines you have flown with.

So how likely is your bag to go missing on a trip? And what can you do to cut the risk of losing your bags?  Read our next blog.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel cover.

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