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Got wanderlust? 5 of the Best - Singapore travel bloggers

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Wanderlust. It’s a super cool German word that describes why Singaporeans like to travel. It means a strong desire for, or impulse to wander, to travel and explore the world.

Count us in! There’s nothing better than waving goodbye to your daily commute, hopping into your car, onto a boat or a plane and dreaming of all the fun to come.

But what if you don’t know where to go? Or how much your trip will cost? What if you want to travel like the locals, or protect yourself from travel pitfalls?

That’s where Singapore travel bloggers make all the difference. So which bloggers are worth your time? Your intrepid Travel team at Budget Direct travelled far and wide across the Internet. Now, we reveal our top 5 Singapore travel bloggers, and why they made the cut.

5 of the Best - Singapore Travel Bloggers

Mr Brown

1. mrbrown

Why we like it

What is there not to like about mrbrown? He ticks all our boxes and some. He’s fun, quirky, has a lot of integrity, travels on a budget and he loves his mum! What more could you ask for?
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The Occasional Traveller

2. The Occasional Traveller

Why we like it

Jaclyn Seah has something for everyone and takes you away from the beaten track. She’s into street art too. She is fun and upbeat, so you’ll want to follow her everywhere.  She has some real nuggets when it comes to travelling in South East Asia and will open your eyes to new adventures here.
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A Girl and a Bald Traveller

3. A Girl and a Bald Traveller

Why we like it

Their blurb says “Adventures of a Singaporean couple who attempt to travel the world without breaking the bank or quitting their jobs.” If that doesn’t want you to read on then nothing will. These guys have a great sense of humour and they have tons of practical advice too, like visas and vaccinations, possible travel scams. Loads of info that you might not have considered, but really useful to know.
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sunrise odyssey

4. Sunrise Odyssey

Why we like it

Gina and Daniel are an uber cool couple. They are serious adventurers, scaling mountains, doing trail runs around the world and bungy jumping in Nepal. They certainly set some travel goals if you want a challenge. We also love the beautiful photos and videos from Daniel, a pro film-maker.
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got wonderlust

5. Irene's Travel Blog

Why we like it

Irene has been everywhere! Still not even 30, she’s spanned the globe and written about every aspect of her travels. Informative and fun, we like this laid back blog that features nearly every country on the planet.

Got a favourite travel blogger? We’ll check them out. We may even feature them in a future post.

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