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Got wanderlust? Singapore travel blogs make all the difference

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Wanderlust. It’s a super cool German word that describes why Singaporeans like to travel. It means a strong desire for, or impulse to wander, to travel and explore the world.

Count us in! There’s nothing better than waving goodbye to your daily commute, hopping into your car, onto a boat or a plane and dreaming of all the fun to come.

But what if you don’t know where to go? Or how much your trip will cost? What if you want to travel like the locals, or protect yourself from travel pitfalls?

That’s where Singapore travel blogs make all the difference. 

What makes a great travel blog?

  1. Keeping it real. Not every trip is simply amazing. A great travel blog tells it like it is, warts and all. Bloggers have much more freedom - without the constraints of having to suck up to advertisers. This is what makes blogs so appealing. Real people with real unfiltered opinions.
  2. Budget tips. We like bloggers that work within a budget. Luxury travel is easy. You don’t have to be so creative. Spend a packet and you’re more or less okay. But working to a budget requires much more imagination and skill. As a reader, we want tips on travelling well, and safely, within a budget.
  3. Quirkiness. We like blogs that give us a different insight and perspective to travel. Definitely not bland glossy travel mags with airbrushed photos and hackneyed phrases.
  4. Being genuine. It’s important to like the person writing the blog. We like genuine writers with a passion to share their love of travel.
  5. Integrity. Yes, it’s good to have sponsors but we don’t like advertising getting in the way of telling the truth. Don’t tell us your yummy chicken rice is the best just because you didn’t pay for it. It’s good to read something that we can trust. Honesty is the best policy.
  6. The look and feel. We like our blogs to look good and are easy to navigate. A good balance between words and pictures. Not too much waffle either.

So which Singapore travel blogs made the cut? In our next post, we unveil our top 5 Singapore travel bloggers, and why they made the cut.

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