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From Singapore to Finland

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Keeping it real. Your honest travel reviews. The good AND the bad.

One Singapore family share their holiday moments from Lapland in the northern part of Finland. They also had a mini stopover in Italy on their way home to Singapore. Here’s how they got on. #honesttravelreview

What we loved

We just love the whole of Finland! Nice people, excellent food, captivating landscapes covered in white snow and of course we appreciated the cold weather.

We had a whale of time at the Santa Claus Village. It’s like a Disneyland in the artic. The whole village is brightly lit up, with bells playing and snowflakes falling non-stop. It’s magical. Every corner of the village is like a playground for the kids (and adults too!) The kids sledged for hours. We also met Uncle Santa. But it wasn’t a cheap encounter and cost quite a lot to have a picture with him.

What we didn’t love

On our way back to Singapore we decided to have a short stopover in Italy. The moment we reached Milano train station from the airport, we were pickpocketed. They had planned it so well. Fortunately, nothing serious happened and no one was injured. Apparently, this is very common in Italy. So, for parents travelling with kids, please be more careful and always stay close to each other to avoid letting the pickpockets have a chance to come near you. Keep your hands free and hold the kids with you. It may be a good idea to carry backpacks rather than cases.

Getting there

Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Milan. Then by Finnair from Milan to Helsinki and then another flight to Lapland (Ivalo). It took us almost 26 hours! Coming back we broke the journey up with a few days stopover in Italy.

Budget tips

This is by no means a budget holiday but there are ways to cut down on your costs. We book our December holiday by the first quarter of the year. You tend to get cheaper air tickets, accommodation and transportation tickets. Kids get to travel for free in some European countries if you book your bus/rail tickets in advance. You can save quite a bit by doing this!

Glass Igloo

It was a really fantastic experience sleeping under the sky where we could gaze at the stars the whole night while lying in bed, in the Glass Igloo

log house

The log house was so cosy and warm, and more child-friendly than the igloo. The kids ran around freely in the well-insulated house.


Rovaniemi – Santa Claus’ hometown.
The kids sledged all day.

Ong Poh Lian and her family, including three young children, stayed at the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort.

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