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4 hours from Singapore. Broome will sweep you off your feet.

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Sunset camel rides, pearl farms, an historic Chinatown, dinosaur foot prints, whale watching at some of the world’s best beaches and so much more… Welcome to Broome in Western Australia. And soon to be just a short four-hour direct flight from Singapore.

Where? I hear you say.

Broome is a small town in Western Australia in the Kimberley region. Around 15,000 people live there permanently, expanding to 45,000 people in the tourist season. But those numbers look set to increase if a new Silkair route from Singapore takes off.

New flights from Singapore

At present four return trial flights direct from Singapore to Broome are planned in May and June , 2018 on Silkair. They are hopeful that there will be high demand for the service, to further develop and improve their future services.

The flights are not available to book direct on Silkair’s website and, right now, for the above dates only packages via certain travel agents are available. (Chan Brothers Travel, Dynasty Travel and Jetabout Holidays.)

But the travel team at Budget Direct Insurance thinks this destination is one to watch. If these trips prove popular with Singaporeans then there will be regular direct flights to Broome. So fly ahead of the flock and find out why Broome might soon be on your bucket list.

Broome and beaches

Broome is situated on a peninsular so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to beautiful white sandy beaches

Cable beach is around 7 km from Broome, almost perfectly flat and more than 22 km long with turquoise waters. The beach is named after the telegraph cable that connected Australia’s North West with the rest of the world.

Walk far enough along this beach and you’ll see the famous dinosaur footprints, said to be around 130 million years old, at Gantheaume Point, on the southern end of Cable Beach. Gantheaume Point is also famous for its stunning red rock formations.

If you really want to try something different camel rides operate on the beach every day at sunrise and sunset. A one-hour ride (probably enough) will cost from $65 to S$90 depending on the time of day. Not cheap but certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Nearer to the town is the appropriately named Town Beach and a visit here, if timed well, will really get your camera snapping and social media accounts working over time. The beach is where you can see the site of an unusual natural phenomenon called Staircase to the Moon.  A receding tide ebbing away over the sand flats and a rising moon combine to create a stunning optical illusion of a stairway reaching to the moon. This happens only two to three days a month from March to November and is worth planning your trip around.

Broome and the surrounding area is also an important area for wildlife, especially for migrating birds. Roebuck Bay is of international importance for waders or shorebirds on their way from breeding grounds in northern Asia.


There’s a good choice of accommodation for such a small town, but get in quick if you want a bargain. Good standard backpacker type accommodation is popular; Beaches of Broome is right on Cable beach and is around S$40 per night for a shared dorm room, or S$180 for a double room with a private bathroom in high season.


The best time to visit is the dry season from April/May till September/ October. Look forward to long sunny days with clear blue skies. Avoid the wet season, which starts in October/November.

Watch this space

You’ve read our best advice on what Broome has to offer and if you Google a map you’ll see just how close it is to our own shores. Watch this space and we’ll tell you when those direct flights really take off. Not too far off we hope…


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