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There’s never been a better time for Singaporeans to go to Berlin. Here’s why.

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Berlin may not be the first city that comes to mind when most Singaporeans think of holidaying in Europe. Yet this city has much to offer, especially right now. New budget flights and a strong Singapore dollar make this the perfect time to pop on over to this vibrant and pulsating land that’s rich in history with a lively music, arts and cultural scene.

1.Budget flights

With low-cost airline Scoot flying four times a week to Berlin, the city is now a more affordable holiday destination for Singaporeans.

2.Historical landmarks

Famous landmarks like Checkpoint Charlie, The Brandenburg Gate and the remains of the former Berlin Wall bring history to life. Visitors are reminded of a once-divided Germany, the events surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of the country.

3.Art and culture

The city is dotted with museums, showcasing everything from contemporary art to design. A fascinating one is the Jewish Museum, which relates the story of Jewish history in Germany.


Berlin has a plethora of impressive buildings and monuments. Among them are The Reichstag, which marks important milestones in Germany’s history, and the Holocaust Memorial -- a memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe.


Berlin is not just mired in the past, it also has a thriving nightlife. In fact, the city is regarded as the capital of electronic music and offers a wide choice of electro music. Hop into its many bars and clubs and swing to the beat.


Take a breather from the city crowds at Berlin’s beautiful green spaces. Enjoy a picnic at Tiergarten, Berlin’s central park; explore the forests and lakes of Wannsee, in the south west of the city, the tall pines of Grunewald forest, or Tempelhofer Feld, one of the largest parks in Europe.

7.Classical music

Classical music lovers will be spoilt for choice. Catch a concert at one of the city’s iconic venues or an opera at one of its three opera houses.


It may not be the top reason for travelling to Germany but, as most Singaporeans will agree, food is intertwined with a country’s culture. A few must-tries are currywurst, one of Berlin’s iconic street foods, Pfannkuchen, a traditional pastry, and Senfeir, a German comfort food.


Berlin is a shopping haven. Shopping-mad Singaporeans will want to check out the high-street fashion at Tauentzienstrasse or hunt for bargains at the popular Sunday Mauerpark flea market.

10.Affordable accommodation

Berlin is one of the more affordable cities in Europe, with a choice of accommodation from edgy hotels to cosy bed and breakfasts.


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