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Ricardo Tjendrajaya, works in IT at Budget Direct Insurance. Here he shares his holiday snaps and some insights into visiting South Korea.

“I went to Korea in April. I flew into Seoul and took a Bullet train to Busan. Personally, it wouldn’t have been a country that I thought I’d want to visit but my sister and my mother persuaded me, so I had no choice lah! Here’s how I got on…

Ricardo Tjendrajaya

What I loved:

Okay, the food is sooo amazing. Korean BBQ, Ginseng Soup, Bimbimbap and the drinks Maegkoli, Soju, Meciu. It all tastes so good. Cheap and good. And not forgetting the cheap alcohol too.

Korea food

Beauty products for women.
Women will love Korea too for its beauty products which are so damn cheap! A product that will cost $15 here will cost you say $5 there. It’s less than half price! C’mon which girls don’t like?!

Korea beauty products

Modern and convenient.
It is pretty modern. The streets are clean and people follow the traffic rules, so not too many jams except during peak hours. It’s well organized. Public transport is very reliable and people are willing to queue and look out for each other.

Korean modern and convenient

What I didn’t love:

Grumpy grannies and grandads.
Surprisingly, some old folks – the grandpas (aiushi) and grandmas (ajumma) are pretty rude. They don’t speak English which is fine but if you try to communicate with them they simply ignore you or reply in Korean and don’t try to communicate with their eyes either.

Korea grumpy grannies and grandads

Same same.
I personally wouldn’t do a long stay holiday in Korea as the culture I encountered in Busan is almost the same as in Seoul. It’s quite homogenic. It’s a bit too boring to stay for a long time.”

Korea pop

Getting to Seoul.
AirAsia probably has the cheapest direct flights to Seoul. Prices can fluctuate, but you can get flights for less that S$500 return. Asiana and Korean Air also fly cheaply to Seoul. Watch out for promotions and last-minute deals. Flight time is 6 hours and 20 minutes from Singapore.

Getting to Seoul

If Rico’s review hasn’t put you off visiting south Korea then check out our article on Seoul Searching.

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