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Travelling with your pet from Singapore? Here’s what you need to know

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It can be quite a hassle transporting your pets on planes around the world. But if it’s necessary and your pet is in good health then here are some basic guidelines to get you started on your journey. First off, there are a few precautionary steps you need to take.

  1. Check the pet requirements of your country of destination
  2. Apply for an AVA export licence
  3. Do not forget to get a veterinary health certification
  4. Arrange an appointment for a pre-export inspection
  5. Make arrangements with the ground handling agents

The Singapore AVA website is an excellent source of information when it comes to prepping your pet for their journey. Go to www.ava.gov.sg.

If you’re travelling from Singapore you have a range of pet-friendly airlines to choose from. Most of the budget airlines, however, do not allow pets to travel unless it is a Guide dog in which case do check each airline. Scoot Airlines, for instance, allows Guide Dogs in the cabin alongside you.

All airlines have their own rules and regulations such as dog breed restrictions and route restictions so be sure to check carefully with each airline and DO read the small print. All airline policies differ tremendously and are subject to change so do check your airlines’ policy just prior to booking.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the more pet-friendly airlines travelling out of Singapore.

  • Singapore Airlines

    SIA says it is happy to accommodate all domesticated cats and most dog breeds. Service dogs may accompany you in the cabin. Pets can either travel through checked baggage so long as someone is accompanying them on the flight. If not then you can opt to fly your pet as cargo..

    To travel through checked baggage, your pet has to be above the age of 3 months old. Weight is an important factor too so if your pet weighs more than 32kgs, they can travel in cargo. Overall we found that SIA were one of the most accommodating airlines when it came to transporting your pets.

    For more details go to the SIA (https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/travel-info/special-assistance/travelling-with-pets/) pet policy page

  • Qantas Airlines

    This airline is very particular about the type of pet and breed that you take onboard. Only service dogs are allowed in the passenger cabin of the plane. Do note that Qantas does not offer checked baggage service. Pets can travel as cargo though.

    For more details go to Qantas’ pet policy page.

  • Emirates Airlines

    No pets are allowed in the cabin apart from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Pets can only be transported as cargo or as checked in baggage. Country of destination and the length of the journey is an important factor. Do remember to check the country’s regulations that you are flying into beforehand.

    For more details go to Emirates’ pet policy page.

  • Malaysia Airlines

    As long as you follow the regulation criteria to the country of destination, pets are allowed as accompanied baggage. After your request has been accepted, an instruction sheet regarding feeding and watering must be submitted.

    For more details go to the Malaysia Airlines website

  • Cathay Pacific

    Being one of the most pet-friendly airlines, service pets are allowed to accompany you in the passenger cabin. Other pets can travel through check-in baggage.

    For more details go to Cathay Pacific’s pet policy page

Do note that it is important to check with your vet if your pet is in good health and can travel a long journey and can easily adapt to the climate change in another country. The journey can be extremely stressful too for your pet so we recommend you try to minimize any overseas travel for your little ones. And do remember to check and comply with all policies of the airlines and country of destination at all times for the safety of your pet.

We found the following website useful for all matters relating to pet travel - pettravel.com

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