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Planning solo travel? 4 ways to make the most of your trip

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According to Visa Global Travel Intentions Study (2015) nearly a quarter of 13,000 travellers surveyed from 25 countries travelled alone on their most recent trip.*

Solo travel means you have the luxury to plan your own route and go where you fancy, or you may want to sit back and let a tour company do all the leg work.

Choosing a trip

Shivani Vora, from Forbes Top Trips for Singles, advises finding a company or tour which is age appropriate; “ready-made companionship is great, but what if you are a baby boomer and end up on a trip with just-minted college grads? To avoid this, several tour operators group clients by age.”

So, do your homework, read reviews, call the company and talk through your trip.

Use a local travel agency to help you. You may want a tour popular with Singaporeans or you may want a mix of nationalities.

Recommendations from the experts

1. Party on

Contiki is a worldwide tour company geared towards the younger traveller (18-35). Their most popular trips use reasonably priced hotels and campsites. Around half their travellers go solo and accommodation is usually shared. If you like to party while taking in a few sites, then this may be for you.

2. No footprints

Intrepid is the largest small group tour provider in the world offering multiple destinations with a emphasis on going local – local transport, local guides, local food and locally owned accommodation. More than half their clients are on their own and to avoid a single supplement, they hook you up with a roommate.

3. Tried and tested

Just You offers more than 50 destinations all around the world, with trips accompanied by their experienced tour guides. The more active tours to Croatia, Mexico and Guatemala attract a young age group (40-55) while their best seller tours to North America appeal to all.

4. Learn as you go

From eco-surf retreats to perfume making, sailing, yoga and nutrition, if sitting on a beach or trailing round sites isn’t for you then this specialised trip could be. GoLearnTo.com also has no single supplement.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’s vital to have good Car, Motorcycle and Travel cover.
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*Business Insider Singapore

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