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Road trip Singapore. A perfectly formed weekend plan!

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Away from the hustle and bustle of city life into lush countryside of with pretty coastal forests, and mangroves. So we know that a road trip usually involves a long distance journey, but what about Singapore? At 50 kilometres wide and 27 kilometres from north to south this road trip is what we call a perfectly formed weekend plan.  

From the highlands of Malaysia to the beaches of Australia, the intrepid travel team at Budget Direct Insurance has been celebrating the magnificence of the road trip in a series of posts. Here’s our easy guide to a great road trip Singapore style!

Trip One. Coney Island

Officially only opened to visitors as parkland in 2015, this new little enclave of Singapore is located off the northeastern coast near the town of Punggol. The island covers 133 hectares and the parkland is 50 hectares and is managed by the National Parks Board. There are pretty coastal forests, grasslands and mangroves. Sadly, you won’t get to see the free-roaming Brahman bull, better known as the Coney Island cow. The famous cow lived on Coney Island for many years (no one knew how he got there) and he passed on to Cow heaven last October.

Coney Island is a popular place for camping, jet skiing, cycling and getting away from it all. Public transport is fairly limited here so this is a must for a Singapore road trip! 

Trip two. Around Kranji

This is a great area for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and into the lush countryside of Kranji. Farmers markets, locally grown and organic produce have really taken off in Singapore over the last few years. There are now a variety of places and farms open to the public. Now you can show your little ones that fruit and vegetables don’t just appear magically in the supermarkets!

Don’t miss out on Bollywood veggies where you can take a farm tour, visit their food museum, learn about the history of food and even join a cooking class. Sample delicious home-grown produce at their restaurant Poison Ivy Bistro. 100 Neo Tiew Road, 719026. 

On a more somber note, stop off at the Kranji War Memorial at 9 Woodlands Road. This memorial is dedicated to the men and women who gave their lives defending Singapore and British Malaya in the Second World War. It is the final resting place for 4,458 Allied servicemen, more than 850 of the graves are unidentified.

In our next road trip in Singapore, we take to the open road and discover a place in Singapore globally recognised for its migratory birds. Or feeling hungry? We’ll tell you about a unique place to stop off for a bite to eat.


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