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Shop Til You Drop Quiz

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Is shopping a national pastime in Singapore? Is it humid in Singapore lah?! Yes, of course, on both counts!

In the next few blogs we’re taking you on the shopaholics trip of a lifetime! Not only do we Singaporeans like to shop at home, we love to look for the things we love when we’re on holiday, only at half the price!

So before we start on this retail trip, test your knowledge at home and see if you are really the dedicated shopper you claim to be!

  1. How long is Orchard Road?
  2. When did Orchard Road become a one-way street?
  3. What was the first department store on Orchard Rd? (We’re prepared to overlook it if you struggled with the first two questions, but a shopper of any worth must know this one!)
  4. Which was the first shopping mall in Singapore to install public escalators?
  5. Which was the first air-conditioned shopping mall in Singapore? (Clue: it’s not on Orchard Rd)
  6. According to a recent survey what percentage of shoppers stay shopping for more than four hours during the Great Singapore Sale? (We’re talking dedicated)
  7. Before Ngee Ann City on Orchard Road was built, what was the land used for?
  8. Which nation is Southeast Asia’s top online shopper?

Before you check your answers, take a shopping trip down memory lane and check out the website Remember Singapore. If you are a veteran Singapore shopper, you will love the old photos of places like Queensway and Upper Serangoon Shopping centres.


  1. Officially 2.2km long.
  2. 1974
  3. Tangs – The first Tangs stores were on River Valley Road, but in 1958 Tangs was built on Orchard Road on a plot of land facing a cemetery. It was demolished in 1982 and was replaced by the Tang Plaza.
  4. Queensway Shopping Centre, 1 Queensway (love that place!)
  5. Katong Shopping Centre in 1973.
  6. According to a survey by Groupon* 22% of Singaporeans are prepared to brave the crowds during the Great Singapore Sale time (GSS) for more than four hours.
  7. It was a burial ground. Rumour says it is shaped like a tombstone to appease the gods, although the original architect denies this.
  8. Yes, us! (A study by Visa** in 2014 showed 26 percent of Singaporeans shop online at least once a week, probably even more now!)

So how did you do? If you have your bags packed, then join us, as Budget Direct Insurance takes you to some of the best value shopping places in the world. Check out our next shopping blog.

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