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Get your skis on! There are now budget flights direct from Singapore to Japan!

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This winter, Scoot Airlines is adding non-stop flights from Singapore to Sapporo. The service will operate once a week during November, increasing to twice weekly from December to February 11, 2018.

The budget carrier will still operate its existing three weekly flights via Taipei. 

That’s great news for Singapore’s budget travellers seeking some snow this winter. Find out more about Scoot travel deals here.

And when you’re buying your online budget air ticket should you buy the airline’s travel insurance too? After all it’s just a quick click away… 

Airline travel insurance versus direct insurer 

According to independent consumer researchers, ValueChampion, most private travel insurance tends to provide higher maximum cover at lower prices than those offered by airlines.

Part of the reason, according to ValueChampion, is that when the insurance is offered directly from the insurance company, as is the case with insurers like Budget Direct Insurance, there is no middleman.

The ValueChampion study found that: “In contrast when you purchase travel insurance through an airline, the airlines tend to receive a portion of the price of insurance as a commission, which means the customer pays more.”

A spokesperson at Budget Direct Insurance agrees that buying direct from the insurer saves you money in the long run. “It makes sense to cut out the middlemen and pay a lower price by going directly to the insurance company. The airlines want to make money when they sell to you so they are going to add on their commission just like an agent would.” 

Not only that, buying travel insurance online and direct is easy. It takes minutes to get a quote and buy from your smart phone. 

Travel insurance – am I covered for skiing?

Aside from cutting down costs on travel insurance you need to know that you’re covered for skiing.

Here’s why. 

  • Research shows the two major factors that cause injuries are speed and faulty equipment
  • Knee ligament tears and strains, broken limbs and cuts and bruises are the most common snow injuries.

As part of your standard travel insurance with Budget Direct Insurance, leisure skiing and snowboarding on marked slopes with or without an instructor are covered by your policy. Off-piste skiing is not covered by your travel insurance. Always check your policy.

Buy your travel insurance now with Budget Direct Insurance and get a 20% discount. Hurry! Offer ends 30 June.

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