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Star Wars. The ‘real deal’ on our doorstep

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Visitors to Resorts World Genting can soon go on a tantalising mission to a faraway galaxy with its latest attraction, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The brand-new hyper-reality experience will allow guests to journey into the Star Wars universe.

As it is a location-based entertainment, guests get to step onto a typical Stars Wars location. Created by ILMxLab and The Void together with LucasFilm, Secrets of the Empire enables visitors to fully immerse themselves in an experience that engages all their senses. A clever wireless gig enables visitors to roam freely, untethered by cables in a large virtual space that is mapped onto a physical maze. This makes the experience more real and life-like.

After getting geared up with a backpack-based computer rig and headset, a team of four visitors are briefed on their mission via a video recording. The team then goes undercover as storm troopers, with a mission to infiltrate an Imperial base on Mustafar and recover some of the Empire's secrets.

Fight giant lava monsters

Visitors can live out their childhood fantasies as they grab blasters and fire at their enemies. They will get to navigate dangerous enemy territory, solve puzzles and fight giant lava monsters. The experience is so realistic they will feel the impact of blaster bolts, as well as the heat emanating from Mustafar’s lava and smell its burning air. To make it even more real, visitors are tasked with interacting with the environment, which includes opening doors with handles and pressing buttons as they and their team stave off attacks from Imperial forces.

This all-immersive experience which combines interactive sets, real-time effects and cutting-edge technology is truly a dream come true for die-hard Star Wars fans. Best of all, they won’t have to go on a long, arduous plane ride to North America to have this adventure which has been termed “surreal”, amazing, awesome, incredible and unbelievable by visitors. They simply have to hop on a bus to get to Genting Resorts World.

For more information, log onto www.thevoid.com.

Getting there:

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