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Tech-free family holidays for Singaporeans

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If you are like many Singaporean families, you and your children are probably hooked on your digital devices so much so that mealtimes and holidays are spent with your noses buried in your smartphones or tablets.

The latest statistics from Touch Cyber Wellness show that tech addiction is on the rise here. In fact, the number of cases has more than doubled in just two years. A total of 76 addiction cases were handled in Singapore in 2017 compared to 34 cases in 2015.

tech addiction

Looks like it’s time to disconnect from the devices and reconnect with the family. Easier said than done? Yeah we know…. But there are a handful of holidays offering some great outdoor activities and adventures that make it easier to ditch the devices and go tech-free.

The next school holidays, why not chuck those digital devices aside and spend some time truly bonding as a family. If your kids can’t be without their smartphones and tablets, take them somewhere where they won’t have access to Wifi. Better yet, leave the devices behind.

Your kids may protest but hey, you’re the parent. Assert your authority and do a digital detox as a family. Choose a place where the family can engage in outdoor activities and entertainment that has nothing to do with a smartphone or social media. This way, your kids can learn the value of face-to-face interactions as well as get to appreciate a whole new environment.

Moreover, you’ll  be spoilt for choice with these affordable, off-the-beaten track locations just a few hours’ plane ride away. Here are some suggestions:

Hiking and trekking in Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia


Snorkelling and trekking in Krabi in Thailand


Trekking in Sapa in Vietnam


Boating trips in Li River in Guilin, China

island tour

Caving and cycling in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Pak Ou caves or Tam-Ting Luang Prabang Laos

Here’s a breakdown of accommodation and flight costs for these destinations:

DestinationAvg Flight (3 people)Avg Accommodation/Night Avg Activity Cost

Krabi, Thailand




Luang Prabang








Kota Kinabalu




Li River, China




Besides being cost-saving, the holidays will open up a world of exciting experiences for your family. Go for hikes, treks and take part in a variety of other activities offered in these areas. You could go for a full-day scenic boat ride down the Li River for as little as $85 per person (children under 1.2 m ride for free). Families with older children may want to go on a trekking holiday in Sapa, Vietnam, where guided tours cost around $45 per person.

Before you set out, don’t forget to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy that will cover your children and provide coverage for all your planned activities.

Budget Direct Insurance will insure your treks so long as they are for leisure and you do not venture 4,000 metres above sea level.

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