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Ten tips for holiday packing don’t forget this!

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Making sure you have the right stuff on holiday is essential to quick relaxation. There is nothing worse than having to rush out and find an essential item. It can be any combination of costly, time consuming and/or impossible!

For example, Brits apparently spend more than S$180 million a year replacing items they forgot to take on holiday. And it seems women are the worse offenders, they are 5% more likely to forget an item than a man.*

Don’t be like them – ace your holiday packing with ten top tips

Make a list of essential items a few days before your trip, have it handy and add to it.

Just before you leave, make a final list of last minute items. If you’re in for an early start, you’ll will sleep better.

  1. Passport, credit cards and money. You really aren’t going anywhere without these, unless you’re heading for Sentosa and can pop home!
  2. Smartphones, iPads, laptops, and charges. Take a photo of these in case they get lost or stolen and you need to claim on your Budget Direct Travel insurance.
  3. Check the weather of your destination and pack appropriately. Don’t waste space on clothes you won’t need.
  4. Small first aid kit, spare glasses and medication. Make sure you have enough for the whole trip and a bit more. Make simple notes of any medication you take, in case you misplace it. Birth control pills and condoms may ensure no little surprises upon your return!
  5. Quick dry T-shirts, clothes and travel wash. An elastic travel washing line is handy to hang up in the hotel bathroom to dry clothes or swimsuits.
  6. Make photocopies of important travel documents.
  7. Valuables – do you really need them on holiday? If so, store in a money belt or secret pocket while you travel.
  8. Spare water bottle. Take to the airport empty and keep handy on your trip to fill up, especially if you are travelling with young children.
  9. Sarong – this doubles up as a beach cover, towel and even a bed sheet, especially if you’re travelling on a tight budget and likely to be staying in rustic accommodation. Flip flops are also handy in communal showers, as well as for a quick trip into town.
  10. Pack playing cards, a change of clothes and ear plugs in your hand luggage. You never know if you will be delayed and have to stay over.
  11. And don’t forget to leave some space in your suitcase – it makes for fast packing at the end of your trip and there’s room for all that shopping!

*Daily Express, survey April 2016


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