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Thinking about group travel? Must try ideas to suit you

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Going away with others can be fantastic fun, whether you are ‘en famille’ (as the French would say), as a couple or with a group of mates. If you decide group travel is for you and want ideas to make great memories, here are some sure-fire winners for you. Must try!

We’ve suggested ways to test the water and see if group dynamics work for you, also there are ideas to branch out and have a big adventure. Plan and book your trip independently or enlist the help of a travel agent. Either way, it will be the characters in your group you’ll remember as much as the place.

1. Easy beach hangout

For the group that doesn’t want to put in weeks of planning, head for one of the many private islands or resorts within a short travelling distance of Singapore. Either off the coast of Malaysia or Indonesia, like Sibu, Nikoi, Telunas or Batu Batu. Book well in advance, turn up and soak up the sun. A good opportunity for everyone to do their own thing, meet on the beach and hang out at the bar.

2. Budget luxury in Bali

A great option for a group as Bali has lots of huge beautiful villas to hire that don’t cost a fortune. Many even come with their own catering and butler services, cutting out arguments over the clearing up! Hang out at the beach, soak up some culture in Ubud, trek through rice terraces or surf the waves, there is something for every group in Bali. A short plane hop from Singapore, Bali is for those groups who want to be a bit more adventurous but with luxury and convenience thrown in.

3. Take to the piste

Skiing is always a great group holiday, although it doesn’t come cheap. Ski resorts in Japan are closer than Europe, although somewhere like Austria has the edge on picture-postcard mountain villages. Japan reputedly has the best powder snow in the world. It’s not unheard of for over three metres of fresh powder to fall in one night. There are several ski resorts so research the ones that tick all your boxes, don’t forget to look at transfer times from the airport to the resort. Some ski resorts in Japan have a party reputation so decide what you want before you go. English is widely spoken as it is in Europe. Japan also offers the chance to relax in a traditional Onsen or bath to ease those aching muscles!

4. Tea house trekking in Nepal

Discover your spiritual self and get to know your fellow travellers on a trekking trip that can be entirely suited to your needs - from short hikes to climbing stunning peaks. Nepal has eight of 14 highest mountains on the earth including the Mt. Everest. One of the best and most comfortable ways trek in Nepal is teahouse trekking, or lodge trekking, along well-trodden trails where a warm bed and food await you every night. For the more adventurous, camp in remote areas with an experienced guide and a support team. Numerous travel agencies can tailor a trip to your needs, but this group adventure will require planning, a level of fitness and good group dynamics! 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel cover.
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