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Holiday hell. A bomb, a mass shooting and a volcano. Here’s what to do in an emergency.

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On holiday you’d expect to wind down, relax and do some sightseeing. Dealing with a travel emergency is not high on the agenda, but it can happen.

Most travel emergencies are unpredictable. You wouldn’t have planned to be in a popular tourist place like Koh Samui when it was submerged by water, or when a typhoon hit Macau, and floods affected large parts of the South Island of New Zealand. All of these and more have happened recently.

Overseas help from our team

An emergency situation can mean life or death. Good travel insurance is not a luxury, it’s a must and you can always call Budget Direct Insurance for advice. Our Claims Hotline (24 Hours) 6221 2199 (within Singapore) +65 6540 2199 (if calling from overseas) [email protected]. , We will assess your situation and give you the best support.

Here’s a small sample of recent travel emergencies.

A traveller is in Bangkok when a bomb explodes at the Erawan Shrine. A traveller is in Los Angeles when he is caught up in a mass shooting and is injured by gun fire.

A traveller is walking along when she is struck by a car and sustains life threatening injuries.

A traveller is hiking near Mount Agung in Bali when the volcano erupts and debris falls on him. A friend calls Budget Direct Insurance we connect to our global partners and they organise immediate transport to a hospital. His injuries are serious and he is flown back to Singapore for specialist treatment.

Travel cover – evacuation details

Budget Direct Insurance will pay up to S$500,000 for an evacuation in a medical emergency under our Comprehensive policy (under 70 years of age) and S$50,000 under our Basic policy.

How you can help yourself

Before you go

Always take out good Travel insurance, check what is covered and what isn’t. Give family members or friends the address of where you are staying and your travel itinerary.

E-Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at https://eregister.mfa.gov.sg so that they can contact you.

Find out the address and contact details of the nearest Singapore Embassy to where you are staying.

If disaster strikes while you are away

You will need to assess your situation realistically. Is it safe to stay where you are? If you will be safe, it is best to stay put, as you will be familiar with the area and loved ones will know where you are.

If you have to go, try to leave details of where you are heading with reception or staff; state who is with you, your travel route and destination.

Take minimal luggage (you may have to leave some behind). Try to take your phone, or a laptop and chargers.

Make backup plans in case you get separated from your group. If and when you get internet access, you can let others know you are safe by posting on Facebook. They recently introduced a Safety Check which allows you to alert people that you are safe and well.

For any Travel insurance claim, keep all receipts and documentation relating to flight cancellations or changes.

If you can, take photos of the conditions.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good .
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