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Travelling with kids in tow. Top tips

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Most Singaporeans love to travel. Travelling with the kids, however, requires a little more planning and preparation.

Here are some pointers from Budget Direct Insurance to make holidaying with the kids trouble-free:

  1. Visit the doctor

    Find out if you and your children need vaccinations for the country you are travelling to and arrange to have them done. Also, get any medications you may need.

  2. Book ahead

    Book at least four nights’ accommodation before you leave. This is especially so if you are travelling during the peak season. It is safer to book ahead instead of leaving things to chance as you would not want to risk being stranded with no place to stay.

    You should avoid changing locations too often as children appreciate being able to stay put in one place for a while.

  3. One adult to do all packing

    Leave one person in charge of packing and there will be less room for mistakes or confusion about what has been packed and what hasn’t.

  4. Nightlight

    This is easy to forget but can be really handy whether or not your child uses one at home or not. Being in a strange location at night can be disorientating. But a nightlight guiding you to the toilet can be a big sleep-saver for all!

  5. Carry-on essentials

    Pack essentials like a change of clothes for everyone in your carry-on luggage in case your checked-in luggage goes missing. Medications, too, should always be in your carry-on luggage.

  6. Do a bag count

    Get into the habit of counting everyone’s bags each time you change location. It’s surprisingly easy to leave behind a child’s laptop or rucksack.

  7. Buy Insurance

    Make sure you get a family travel insurance policy. Being covered for surprises like serious illness or injury, lost luggage, stolen belongings, emergency medical evacuation, sudden cancellations and more will give you peace of mind.

    Read the fine print and make sure you understand what you are covered for and what you are not for the trip.

  8. Get comfy

    Bring along neck pillows and their favourite toys or blanket to keep your child comfortable on the flight.

  9. Beat Jet Lag

    If you are flying to Europe or the United States, you and your family will most likely be affected by jet lag. If you land in the morning, to avoid jet lag, you should have a shower at the hotel, change your clothes and head out for fresh air.

    Don’t plan major tours on your first full day.

  10. Child-friendly hotel rooms

    Check that the hotel room is child-friendly. Are the windows screened and lockable? Is there any electrical wiring exposed? Are there any loose fixtures that pose a danger to children? How hot is the water in the hot taps? Check out the door locks and balcony railings. If there is a pool, does it have a child-safety barrier? Take your own travel-size smoke detector. Many hotels don’t have them.

    If you’re travelling to India, Sri Lanka or Southeast Asian countries, bring insect repellent with you. Also, let your children know that they should use bottled water to brush their teeth rather than tap water.

  11. Track your child

    Discuss what would happen if you become separated for any reason. For example, have a meeting spot at the airport, train station or shopping mall.

    Even better, use a tracking device that your child can wear around their wrist. These are becoming more popular with parents. A digital device you can use in emergencies.

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