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Trip cancellation. These two words create travel nightmares How to protect yourself

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As tempting as it may be to leave your travel insurance to the last minute, it really does pay to arrange it as soon as you have booked your holiday.

Here’s why

There are two words that create travel nightmares - trip cancellation. Many Around 50 per cent of travel insurance claims are due to cancellation. Generally, people end up cancelling due to ill health.

How to protect yourself

With Budget Direct Insurance, you are covered from the moment you buy your travel policy. This means that if anything happens before you leave for your trip, you can relax and make a claim.

Most policies will cover you when you cancel due to the following:

  1. You, your family or travel companion becomes seriously ill.
  2. A sudden riot, strike or a civil commotion breaks out in either Singapore or the country you’re travelling too. For instance there has been much civil unrest in Thailand.
  3. An epidemic breaks out at the country you’re travelling too and the World Health Organisation (WHO) issues a warning after you buy your policy. SARS and Zika would be prime examples.
  4. All flights are grounded and the runway, or airspace, is shut down. For instance, the volcanic ash clouds saga a few years ago that shut down air travel in Singapore and around the world.

But you would only be covered for these events if you bought the policy beforehand. If you buy your policy once news of such events like epidemics, riots and bad weather is in the public domain, then you won’t be covered.

What about airline cancellation?

It’s important to read the small print here when it comes to your insurance cover. Most insurance companies will cover you when the airline cancels due to:

Closing down of the airport, runway or airspace. Or poor weather conditions which forces planes to be grounded.

But you are not covered if the cancellation is due to a problem with the individual airline. For instance mechanical breakdown of the plane.

As always, Travel cover varies from policy to policy so it’s important to read the policy documents to ensure you know exactly what you’re covered for.

Enjoy stress-free holidays when you buy smarter Travel insurance.
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