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Want more time off? Hacks for Singapore public holidays 2018

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Okay, get your calendars out and start planning for 2018. 

Next year, just four out of 11 public holidays fall on either Monday or Friday. This means we only get four ‘official’ long weekends But don’t despair there are some clever ways to hack the system giving you nine long weekends instead!

Four long weekends – no leave required

First off, here are the official Singapore public holidays, which fall on either Sunday or Friday - granting you a long weekend.

1. New Year’s Day

30 December 2016 to 1 January 2017

(Saturday to Monday)

2. Chinese New Year

16 February to 18 February

(Friday to Sunday) 

3. Good Friday

30 March to 1 April

(Friday to Sunday) 

4. Hari Raya Puasa

15 June to 17 June

(Friday to Sunday) 

So how do you get to eight long weekends?

You will need to take four days leave. Get your requests in early to ensure that you are at the head of the line.

There are four public holidays that fall on a Tuesday. 

Labour Day (May 1)

Vesak Day (May 29)

Deepavali (November 6)

Christmas Day (December 25)

Take one more day’s leave on the Monday and there you have it. You can clock off work on Friday eve until Wednesday morning, leaving you with plenty of time to escape our little island.

And the final weekend?

Take leave on Friday, August 10, the day after National Day (August 9) and there you have it. Nine long weekends. Bonus! 

Ideas for short breaks on a budget 

1. Johor Farmstay.

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm in Mersing. Back to basics in a kampong, no air-con, no water-heater. Sounds good right? But this place has been getting great reviews for its laid back, picturesque charm with quaint, floating chalets on still waters. Activities include planting rice, cycling, kayaking, bamboo rafting and there’s even a flying fox. Great family fun.


2. Langkawi, Malaysia.

If you want a bit of luxury but on the cheap. Yes it is possible, then check out Adya Hotel in Langkawai. Great value with prices starting from less than $100 a night. A perfect pampered long weekend break.


3. Loola Adventure Resort

For a real adventure check out this place in Bintan. The list of activities is as long as your arm and includes sailing, boat and boom-net trips, raft-building, tree climbing, kayak expeditions, and sea-flat marine walks. The staff here are great and will help keep the kids entertained for days. A truly special family holiday.



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