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Why buy travel insurance? It’s your best ticket home

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When you’re planning a trip away, organising travel insurance isn’t right at the top of your dream holiday to do list.

But if things go wrong it’s the travel insurance you’ll be reaching for first. Can you afford the right medical care, can you get out of somewhere in a hurry, can you replace something if it’s lost or stolen? You can get all of this, and more, covered with Budget Direct Travel Insurance.

According to the website the most common things that do go wrong on vacation are:

  1. Getting food poisoning
  2. Being involved in a car accident
  3. Sustaining a sports injuries (from activities like jet skiing, biking, or doing something you haven’t tried for years).

Leaving home without travel insurance does not make sense. After all it’s a small investment for, what could be, a large ticket home.

According to the UK’s largest travel association, ABTA, many young people mistakenly assume that their embassy or Foreign Office will help them out when things go wrong or they need to be flown back due to a medical emergency.

And perhaps more worryingly only 29% of travellers who were affected by a natural disaster or a world event had travel insurance according to a U.S. Travel Insurance Association Survey in February 2012.

It seems far too many of us are leaving home unprotected and facing a hefty ticket home.

What kind of travel insurance is for me?

It is important to stress that travel insurance policies can differ and you must read what is and isn’t covered. You save with Budget Direct Travel Insurance because it’s flexible to your needs and the amount you travel. Plus you’re not paying an agent’s commission fees! With just a click or phone call you can talk through your requirements and a travel expert will advise you.

What does travel insurance generally cover?

  1. Medical emergency / evacuation - This is the number one reason people buy travel insurance. Medical costs can run into thousands and, if you need to evacuated from anywhere for emergency medical treatment, then good travel insurance can literally save your life.
  2. Having to cancel your trip – this could be because of illness, death of a close relative or a sudden accident. When you purchase your travel insurance is important. It is best to buy your insurance when you purchase your trip; this way you are covered for any changes that may happen before you set off. Check also what is covered if your trip has to be cancelled after you have leave.
  3. Personal belongings - All insurance companies expect you to take good care of your things but your stuff can and does get lost and stolen. Make sure you have proof of purchase and a police report. Check out how much cover you have for high-end goods like a laptop and camera. If you need to add these as valuable items to your policy you can.
  4. Personal liability - Not all insurance policies cover this so check if yours does. If you are involved in an accident or accidentally cause damage and are held accountable for it, insurance can cover your liability and legal expenses. This is not the same as car insurance.

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Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good travel cover.
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