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Yoga retreats in Asia Simply the best in the world

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Do you sometimes return from a break carrying a few extra kilos, with a lack of energy after lazing on the sunbed? That, plus the holiday blues, when you return to face the real world can make anyone want to head straight back to the airport.

Instead wouldn’t it be nice to come back refreshed, muscles toned, with a new zest for life combined with an inner calm? Then a yoga retreat may be for you! The good news is that Asia is perfect, with an abundance of places to suit whatever you are searching for.

The very-calm team at Budget Direct Insurance has chosen three different yoga retreats in Asia, only you can decide what kind of journey you want to take.

1. For the yoga virgin - Thailand

You are always spoilt for choice when it comes to yoga retreats in Thailand. The serene countryside and gentle people mean it’s a natural place for time away. Koh Samui may not immediately spring to mind, but away from the crowds lies the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary. It’s said this place draws its healing powers from a nearby ancient cave that served as a retreat for Buddhist monks. Beginners as well as veterans, are well served with private yoga sessions crafted to your skill level. This sanctuary also offers massage, wellness consultation with a personal mentor and even detox programs for beginners.

2. Hardcore retreaters - Bali

Fivelements at Puri Ahimsa outside of Ubud is a luxury award winning holistic healing centre well suited to the more experienced retreater. Hatha yoga is practised and classes are held in private. There’s a real emphasis on the spiritual and many clients opt for their healing programs. Only raw, vegan food is served and it probably goes without saying that alcohol, coffee and smoking are banned. This place is for those who really want to see results.

3. Yoga on tour - Bhutan

For a one-of-a-kind retreat experience, it doesn’t get much better than Bhutan. An isolated country in the eastern Himalayas, it is a deeply spiritual place where culture and Buddhism go hand in hand. Possibly an ideal place to find yourself while exploring this extraordinary country. Bhutan is one of the most serene places to practice yoga with a 360-degree view of the majestic Himalayas. All this combined with visits to holy monasteries, trekking, cycling or driving by the side of pristine rivers or dense forests. Meditate to the flutter of prayer flags in a country that judges itself on its Gross National Happiness!

Before you book

Check out exactly what’s included in your trip and think about your expectations.

Check out the type of accommodation, you may need to find out if children are allowed.

If you are looking for something more energetic, many retreats offer fitness classes and even surfing.

Find out what the menus involve, most will be vegetarian, but check if they are vegan. Many yoga retreats include a detox experience.

Try to read reviews from other travellers.

Find out how much a single supplement will be.

Retreats don’t have to be expensive. Some offer yoga ashrams, tents, or shared rooms, while others offer the opportunity for voluntary work to help you pay your way. At the other end of the scale, many retreats offer total luxury and you may never want to leave!

For total peace of mind, whatever happens, it pays to remember your travel insurance.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good travel cover.
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