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create your travel packing list create travel packing list
weekend plan

Road trip Singapore. A perfectly formed weekend plan!

Use our all-in-one road trip planner for a short get-away in Singapore over the weekend to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life into lush countryside.

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planning honeymoon

Tips and travel advice to keep honeymoon costs down

Expert tips for planning a honeymoon that suits you and your bank balance so that you will not try paying your bills with a hug.

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emergency call

Is Your Holiday Safe From Natural Disasters? | Budget Direct

Find out which countries are ranked in the top 20 as being least safe from natural disasters, and how to protect yourself.

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must try street food

Must-try street food in three of Asia’s best-known cities

Find out the list of must-try street food in Taipei, Bangkok and Hanoi. You don’t need to pay 5-star prices to get the best food

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maldives estate of emergency

Maldives State of Emergency: What Travellers Should Do

Find out these few things you should do whether you are currently in the Maldives or have an upcoming trip following the declaration of a state of emergency.

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skiing holiday in Japan and Korea

Cost of Skiing Holiday in Japan & Korea | Budget Direct

Find out how much does a skiing holiday in Japan and Korea really cost and how to get some savings from it.

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travel agent

How to choose a good travel agent. Expert advice.

Compare Singapore’s travel agents and find out if your travel agent is on the official approved list.

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Homestay tourism in SE Asia

Homestay tourism in SE Asia: Our top five picks

Find out what Homestay tourism in Southeast Asia is all about and how it provides revenue for local communities to help preserve their culture.

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driving long distance

Driving long distance. Expert tips to keep you safe

Find out our quick safety tips on road trip or long distance driving. Click to learn more.

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dining custom

Dining customs around the world. How to eat like the locals

Find out how to avoid a cultural faux pas at the dining table around the world. Adjusting to cultural norms is part of a rich travel experience.

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cost of cruises from singapore

Why are more Singaporeans taking cruise holidays?

Get all the facts on cruising holidays out of Singapore plus some great ways do it on a budget.

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The Chingay Parade

Celebrate the best of Singapore. The Chingay Parade

Read this quick guide on The Chingay Parade, which represents all that makes multicultural Singapore such a great place to be.

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outlet shopping

Shopping trips - Part 1: Outlet shopping

Learn more about outlet shopping, what to look out for and where to go to get the best bargains!

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How to find a travel bargain

Budget Singapore. Best ways to save on travel costs

Find out useful apps, websites and travel companies to get a great travel deal and have a great holiday for as little as possible.

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travel gear

Best travel gear shops. Our top picks

Check out our favourite stores in Singapore that will equip you with all you need to have a worry-free trip.

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