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Bangkok street food for Singaporeans

Travel Guide | Bangkok Street Food - Our Top Picks

View this quick Singapore guide on getting the best street food Bangkok has to offer.

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Bali volcano. What you need to know

Get insurance advice and latest news about Mount Agung, and if she is going to blow her top or not.

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healthy holiday tips

A few simple steps to help you stay healthy on holiday

Read our best tips on simple steps to help you stay healthy on your holiday.

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track in thailand

5 places to take the family off the beaten track in Thailand

Check out these 5 destinations where most of the other tourists are Thais in-the-know.

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Travel emergency advice

A bomb, a mass shooting and a volcano. Here’s what to do.

Dealing with a travel emergency on holiday is not something you expect, but it can happen. Safety and insurance advice here.

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Hawaii. Travel insurance and more

Dubbed an island paradise, this country in the South Pacific has much to offer visitors from Singapore.

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Travel insurance and more. The Maldives

Travel insurance and more. The Maldives

All you need to know about the Maldives. From travel insurance and travel advisories to the best budget bungalows and cheap flights.

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Best Ways to Maximise Your Travel Money | Budget Direct

Budget travel from Budget Direct Insurance. Here's how to make sure you get the most for your Singapore dollar when travelling overseas. Find out more.

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thailand street food

What's Shiok! Highs & Lows of Street Food | Budget Direct

Expert tips on how to get the best from street food around the world from a Singapore foody who knows what we like. Whet your appetite and Find out more.

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driving in australia

Top 5 Hidden Hazards of Driving in Australia | Budget Direct

The trusty travel team at Budget Direct Insurance advises on the top five hidden hazards of driving in Australia, and how to navigate them.

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Berlin Germany

10 Reasons Why Should You Travel to Berlin | Budget Direct

Travelling to Berlin on a budget. Singaporeans shouldn’t miss this opportunity to travel to Berlin. There’s never been a better time. Find out why.

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travel with children

11 Tips to Travelling With Small Kids | Budget Direct

Travelling with youngsters can be a challenge. Read our guide giving practical, creative advice for stress-free travel with small children in tow

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luxury travel on a budget

How to Bag Luxury Holiday on a Budget | Budget Direct

You don’t need to be a big spender to accumulate enough credit card points for a free luxury holiday from Singapore. Here’s how you do it.

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singapore to broome

Broome Will Sweep You Off Your Feet | Budget Direct

Welcome to Broome in Western Australia. And soon to be just a short four-hour direct flight from Singapore.

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baggage delay

Helpful Tips for Baggage Delay | Budget Direct

Luggage delay. It can ruin your holiday and wreck you plans. Read our handy checklist of what to do and how to make a travel insurance claim for baggage delays

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