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Women pay a lot less for car insurance in Singapore

Women pay a lot less for car insurance in Singapore. Find out why.

Women in Singapore are safer drivers than men. And there’s no disputing the facts and figures that show women have fewer accidents. It means they pay less for car insurance too.

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premium petrol singapore

Is premium petrol worth the price?

Premium petrol is expensive in Singapore. Find out if your car really needs it. Expert motoring tips from Budget Direct Insurance.

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car insurance how easy to switch

Is it easy to switch to a better deal car insurance?

Want to switch car insurers and get a better deal? Steps to take when you decide to switch to a different car insurer.

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Smoking in your car

Smoking in your car. Is it allowed in Singapore?

Smoking in cars. What is the law in Singapore? And what are the dangers? Budget Direct Insurance answers your questions and clears the air.

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best electric cars singapore

Is it worth switching to an electric car?

The best electric cars in Singapore. Is it time to come clean and go electric? Save the planet and your cash. Find out more.

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safe drivers pay less

Safe drivers pay less for motor insurance.

Singapore safe drivers make a saving on their car insurance. Find out exactly how much you can save by driving carefully.

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Kia Cerato K3

The Kia Cerato K3 is handsome but how well does it perform?

The Kia Cerato K3 is blessed with sophisticated good looks. But what else does it have to offer? Get no-nonsense car reviews from Budget Direct Insurance.

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caught on dashcam

In a hurry? Here’s what NOT to do. Caught on dashcam!

Impatient and inconsiderate Singapore drivers are caught on dashcam. Find out what not to do when you’re in a hurry. Some good lessons for all of us.

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Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is full of Korean drama. Should you get one?

Trust the Koreans to bring the drama and excitement from the television screens and into the cars that roll off their production lines. The Hyundai Kona. Should you buy one? Honest car reviews for Singapore motorists.

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using handphone sg law

Using a handphone inside your car. What you need to know

Is it an offence in Singapore for a driver to use their handphone whilst stationary at traffic lights? Find out what the law says when it comes to using your handphone in your car.

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Volkswagen Golf TSI

Volkswagen Golf TSI

Get honest, no nonsense car reviews for Singapore motorists on a budget. Find out whether the Golf hatchback 1.0 series is a pint-sized powerhouse or a pushover.

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singapore tunnel

Drive safe in Singapore’s tunnels. Here’s what you need to know

Useful tips for Singaporean motorists faced with an emergency in a tunnel. From a car crash and breaking down, to running out of petrol. Here’s what you need to know.

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warranty restriction

New rules take the sting out of car servicing costs.

Find out what the impact of lifting car warranty restrictions is having on Singapore motorists. Is it good news? Get the latest here.

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common car accidents

Most common car accidents in Singapore.

These are the most common car accidents on Singapore roads. But does your motor insurance cover you? Get the facts.

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off peak car

Off-peak car. When is an OPC the smart option?

An Off Peak Car (OPC) is a smart, cost-cutting option that bring motoring expenses right down. Your easy guide to OPCs.

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