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Top cheap cars to insure. Expert tips

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Auto insurance. It’s a vital part of owning a car. It can also be a source of headaches for many drivers, as it can form a fairly significant cost of car ownership.

But it need not always be that way. Do the right research, and you can actually get yourself a good deal on your car insurance here in Singapore. Of course, car insurance rates may also vary based on the driver’s experience and track record, but here are the cheapest cars to insure with Budget Direct Insurance.

Note: Some of these cars are no longer available for sale as new cars, and are indicated accordingly as ‘USED’.

The profile of the driver used is that of a 45 year-old married male, holding a valid driving licence for more than five years and with a 50% No Claims Discount.

Premiums are quoted without any optional covers and the selection of a Named Driver plan.

1. Daihatsu Copen (USED) . Car insurance quote $344.55

Daihatsu Copen (USED) . Car insurance quote $344.55

You may think that the cheapest car to insure would be some sort of small hatchback, but no, it is not! Instead, it is actually a two-seater convertible sports car! Surprise surprise! Well, the Copen is a ‘sports car’ in the loosest sense of the word, given that it only has a tiny 660cc engine and a footprint the size of an ant. But it is a fun car nonetheless, given its light weight and cutesy looks, not to mention that lovely folding roof that lets in all the sunshine you want. The Copen is proof that driving enjoyment need not come at a hefty price.

2. Kia Picanto (USED). Car insurance quote $346.23

Kia Picanto (USED). Car insurance quote $346.23

Onto more sensible stuff now, and while the Kia Picanto is indeed a small hatchback, it is not exactly a joyless ride either. The Picanto packs plenty into its tiny package, with decent features and fun drivability. It is also fuel efficient, and offers a vibrant personality thanks to its choice of bright colours like yellow, red, blue and green. Another example where cheap motoring need not mean you’ll have to suffer a miserable time.

3. Nissan March (USED). Car insurance quote $346.23

Nissan March (USED). Car insurance quote $346.23

Cars at this end of the price range tend to appeal to the younger set, who may only require a smaller car to fit their needs and budgets. The Nissan March is a neat little runabout that is well-equipped, nice to drive, and economical. It is especially popular with the feminine set thanks to its soft curvy looks and thoughtful interior that is designed to be very practical for accommodating people and things.

4. Nissan Note. Car insurance quote $360.58

Nissan Note. Car insurance quote $360.58

For something a little bit different, you may want to consider the Nissan Note. It is also a compact hatchback, but its tall design brings a unique versatility to the mix, allowing it to accommodate taller objects or passengers in its cavernous interior. Like many similar compact hatchbacks, the Note is easy to drive and frugal on fuel, perfect for the beginner driver on a budget.

5. Mitsubishi Attrage. Car insurance quote $374.66

Mitsubishi Attrage. Car insurance quote $374.66

If you absolutely need a sedan, then the most affordable choice out there is the Mitsubishi Attrage. Literally the definition of back to basics motoring, the Attrage offers you all the necessary convenience you need from a car, and nothing else in excess. If all you really need out of a car is reliability and simplicity, then this is absolutely the car to go for.

6. Hyundai Accent. Car insurance quote $389.61

Hyundai Accent. Car insurance quote $389.61

Korean cars used to mean cheap and nasty quality everywhere, but those days are long gone now. The Accent is Hyundai’s budget offering, and despite its affordability, it offers so much more than its predecessors of yore. Economical, well-equipped and spacious, the Accent offers excellent value for those who can see past the badge and recognise the car as a decent product for those shopping on a shoestring.

7. Ford Focus (USED). Car insurance quote $404.70

Ford Focus (USED). Car insurance quote $404.70

A Continental car on a budget? Yes it is possible, and not it is not a poor quality knockoff too. The Ford Focus is not only a decent choice for your money, it is actually one of the best family cars you can have, period. European engineering means you get a car that’s actually good to drive, and the Focus sits firmly in the family hatchback segment, meaning that it is a lot more car for not a lot more money.

8. Kia Cerato. Car insurance quote $404.70

Kia Cerato. Car insurance quote $404.70

More evidence that Korean cars offer the best value these days, the Kia Cerato offers plenty of car for your money. For the price of a small car, you get a decently-equipped family sedan packed with plenty of features that come in more expensive premium cars. You’ll also get plenty of space for you and your family, and an efficient car that’s easy to drive and maintain.

9. Mazda 2. Car insurance quote $404.70

Mazda 2. Car insurance quote $404.70

Driving a small hatchback need not mean giving up on quality and enjoyment, and the Mazda 2 proves that point very well. Despite its compact size and reasonable price tag, the Mazda 2 is one of the most enjoyable hatchbacks to drive on the market. It also offers a well-built interior and innovative tech that sets it apart from its rivals in the market.

10. Suzuki Swift. Car insurance quote $404.70

Suzuki Swift. Car insurance quote $404.70

A favourite for many, the Suzuki Swift’s huge popularity can be explained by its simplicity, as well as its personality. The Swift is bursting with character, and it loved by both beginners and enthusiasts alike. Easy to drive, easy to maintain with low running costs, and yet plenty of fun to drive, the Swift makes for an ideal first car, or those simply looking for some affordable driving enjoyment.

11. Toyota Corolla Altis. Car insurance quote $426.86

Toyota Corolla Altis. Car insurance quote $426.86

The family man’s favourite, the Corolla Altis’ relatively reasonable premiums can probably be explained by the clientele it attracts. Most Corolla Altis drivers are likely to be middle-aged men with a stable career and family, who therefore tend not to take unnecessary risks and generally takes good care of their cars. If there’s any car that epitomises ‘safe and secure’, the Corolla Altis is probably it.

12. Toyota Vios. Car insurance quote $433.19

Toyota Vios. Car insurance quote $433.19

The Corolla Altis’ smaller cousin, meanwhile, tends to attract those of a younger persuasion, hence the slightly higher premiums. That’s not to discredit the Vios however; it remains an attractive proposition, offering great value in an affordable package. It is in essence a Corolla Altis Junior, offering most of the qualities of its bigger sibling at a slightly lower purchase price.

13. Hyundai Elantra. Car insurance quote $449.83

Hyundai Elantra. Car insurance quote $449.83

If you’re looking to get maximum bang for your buck, then you need look no further than the Hyundai Elantra. For not a lot of money, you get plenty of car, and the Elantra is filled to the brim with features that you’ll find on more expensive premium cars. Absolutely the ideal car for those looking to pamper their family without creating a big hole in their wallets.

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