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What factors affect cost of motorcycle insurance?

How motorcycle insurance premiums are calculated and how you can save on them.

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motorcycle security device

Motorcycle theft in Malaysia and Singapore. Get the facts

We look at a few strategies to help prevent your motorcycle from being stolen in Singapore and Malaysia

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motorcycle parking in Singapore

Free and cheap motorcycle parking in Singapore

Cut the cost of motorcycling in Singapore. One way is to find free and cheap parking. Find out more.

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motorcycle fuel saving

Tips for motorcycle fuel savings

Cut the cost of motorcycling in Singapore. Here are some expert tips to help you reduce your petrol spend.

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motorcycle accidents caught on camera

Motorcycle accidents caught on camera. What can we learn?

Dashcam footage of motorcyclists caught dicing with death on Singapore’s busy roads. What can we learn from these tragic accidents? Get top tips and insider info from our motoring expert.

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The Best Class 2B Motorbike For Singapore

The best Class 2B motorbike for Singapore

Tips on finding the perfect Class 2B commuter motorbike. Here’s our top picks plus a handy checklist on what to look for when shopping for your perfect motorcycle.

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motorcycle excess

Motorcycle insurance excess. Your smart guide

Your expert guide to motorcycle insurance excess. Find out what it is and how it can affect your motorbike insurance premiums.

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Best motorcycle gear stores in Singapore

Best motorcycle gear stores in Singapore. Our top picks.

We’ve put together a list of the best motorcycle gear stores in Singapore. Something for the budget biker and those who want to splurge. We’ve got you covered.

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motorcycle seco

Do your homework before buying a motorbike.

Buying a motorbike? Ask yourself hard questions – are you willing to put up with higher running costs and discomfort just to look like Valentino Rossi?

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Motoworld Singapore

Good news for Singaporean motorcyclists

Budget Direct Insurance has teamed up with motorcycling experts Motoworld Singapore, a leading distributor of motorcycle parts and accessories.

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new google maps for motorcyclists

New Google maps for Singapore motorcyclists

Singapore motoring news. New motorbike mode feature on Google Maps makes navigation easier for motorcyclists in Singapore.

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motorbike license in singapore

Quick guide to getting your motorbike licence in Singapore.

So, you fancy getting out on the roads on two wheels? Here’s how to get your first Singapore motorcycle licence.

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motorcycle accident

How to make a claim on your motorcycle insurance.

What to do if you have a motorcycle accident including how to make a claim.

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best motorcycle road trips for Singaporeans

Biking over the border for fun. What you need to know

Singapore can feel too small for a keen motorcyclist. Fortunately, just across the border are numerous possibilities to hit the open road. Check out our top picks for Motorcycle road trips in Malaysia for Singapore bikers.

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motorcycle cleaning tips

Singapore motorbikers! Tips to keep your motorcycle clean

Calling Singapore motorcyclists. Take the hassle out of biking. Get expert cleaning tips on how to make your motorcycle shine like new.

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