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motorcycle insurance in singapore

Motorcycle insurance in Singapore. Your handy guide

A beginners guide to motorcycle insurance in Singapore. Find out whether you should get comprehensive or third party. Expert advice.

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motorcycle in the rain

Motorcycling in a Singapore downpour. Expert safety tips

Riding on wet roads in Singapore requires a different mindset in order to stay safe. Get expert tips on what to watch for when riding in the rain.

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motorcycle seco

High cost of motorcycling in Singapore.

Let’s face it; motorcyclists in Singapore have had a relatively affordable ride until recently. So what’s changed? And what can motorcyclists do about it?

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riding safety

Ride Safe. 10 top motorcycle safety tips.

Ride safe. You can save money – or even your skin – by following a few motorcycle safety basics.

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Buying the right motorcycle helmet for you. Expert tips.

Getting the right motorcycle helmet will make your ride more comfortable, and may even save your life

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motorbike COE

Renewing your motorcycle COE. Expert tips.

To renew or not to renew your motorcycle COE? That is the question. All you need to know about renewing your motorcycle COE. Get expert advice.

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two up

Two-Up. Safety tips for pillion passengers in Singapore

Bare skin, your motorbike and asphalt are not good friends. Expert tips on riding with a pillion passenger in Singapore. Safety advice for motorcycle riders.

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best motorbike gear singapore

Be seen! What should Singapore motorcyclists be wearing? Find out.

Singapore motorcyclists like to be stylish and safe. Here we teamed up with Motoworld and Motorwerks to bring you tips and advice on the latest gear to wear for our climate and our roads.

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end of free ride

End of the Free Ride

Save money motorcycling in Singapore despite record COE premiums

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motorbike brakes

Signs your motorbike brakes are on the way out.

A healthy braking system can mean the difference between a happy ride and disaster. Get expert tips on how to take care of your brakes so they can take care of you.

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