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Pay less for your insurance. TTS Eurocars customers get 5% discount.

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Are you a TTS Eurocars customer? Good! You’ve come to the right place.

Budget Direct Insurance has teamed up with TTS Eurocars, one of Singapore’s top parallel importers and used car dealers.

All TTS Eurocars customers can now get 5% off their car insurance with Budget Direct Insurance. Use affinity code TTSEUROCARS to enjoy a 5% discount on your premium. Simple.

See how much customers have saved with Budget Direct Insurance

I saved $385.94 on my car insurance!

Nicholas C., 29
2017 Hyundai Tucson 1.6

I saved $954.80 on my car insurance!

Thein M. N., 42
2016 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6

Competitive quote compared to other insurers.
I saved $244.49 insuring with
Budget Direct Insurance

Alvin L., 33
2016 Honda Vezel 1.5

I saved $174.29 on my car insurance!

Noor S., 44
2016 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT

I saved $284.25 on my car insurance!

Lee J., 43
2015 Honda Odyssey 2.4

I saved $246.09 on my car insurance!

Ng Y. C., 34
2015 Kia Forte K3 1.6

I saved $170+ on my car insurance!

Daniel L., 44
2015 Mazda 5 2.0

I saved $148.29 on my car insurance!

Alvin Lim C. T., 56
2015 Honda Vezel 1.5

Policy are price with a baseline, and allowing optional items to be selected. This avoid overly insured. I saved $89.95!

Lim K. C., 42
2015 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6

I saved $368.80 on my car insurance!

Stephen Chan H. B., 59
2014 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT

I saved $378.40 on my car insurance!

Florence C., 49
2014 Honda City 1.5

I saved $865.83 on my car insurance!

Eileen L., 36
2011 Kia Cerato Forte 1.6

I saved $211.21 on my car insurance!

Low J. F., 32
2011 Toyota ISIS 1.8

Quick and easy. I saved $304.93 insuring with Budget Direct Insurance

Eugene Y. L., 32
2010 Mitsubishi Lancer EX

I saved $239.33 insuring with
Budget Direct Insurance.

Ng H. S., 42
2010 Kia Cerato Forte 1.6

I saved $571.54 on my car insurance!

William K., 41
2009 Suzuki Swift 1.5

Signing up was a breeze and the quotations were very transparent. I saved $208.04 insuring with Budget Direct Insurance

Ambat R. M., 46
2009 Subaru Forester 2.5XT

I saved $682.68 insuring with
Budget Direct Insurance.

Tham L. Y., 53
2008 Honda Stream 1.8

Prompt response and helpful. Cheaper than market rate. I saved $281.75

Hor T. H., 25
2006 Toyota Vios 1.5

I saved $100 on my car insurance

Sahkiralbanu S. H., 45
2006 Mitsubishi Colt Plus 1.5 Sports

I saved $84.33 on my car insurance!

Ong S. F., 61
2005 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6

Reasons to Buy

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We’re part of an international Insurance Group, which provides insurance solutions for millions of policy holders worldwide. Read more »


Buy online or over the phone. Get immediate cover.

travel promo annual cover

No bundles – choose the optional cover(s) that suit you.

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Get 24/7 claims support from our Singapore team.

Car insurance made easy.
Choose between our comprehensive or third party plans

Comprehensive cover

Covers your liability for damage or injury/death caused to others and their property. Plus any damage to your car due to fire, storms, floods and by accidents to your car. The highest level of insurance you can get.

Third Party Only and Third Party Fire and Theft

If your budget won’t stretch to comprehensive then you can also consider the cheaper option of Third Party car insurance cover.

Learn more about Comprehensive and Third Party Plans

Optional covers

At Budget Direct Insurance we don’t think it’s fair that you have to pay for a bundle of features that you don’t use. That’s why, unlike many other insurers, we allow you to pick and choose any additional extra benefits that suit you, your lifestyle and your budget.

We have a great range of low-cost extras for you to choose from including:

No Claim Discount (NCD) Protection

You can make one claim a year without affecting your No Claim Discount. Applies to those who have an NCD of 30% or more.

Any Workshop

Opt to have your car repaired at a workshop of your choice.

24 Hours Roadside Assistance

If you don’t want to be stranded by a breakdown, flat tyre, flat battery or anything else, our 24 Hours Roadside Assistance will be there for you.

We have Optional Covers to suit all types of drivers. Check them out here.

Ways to save on your car insurance!

Go Paperless

Your premium will be S$20 (before GST) cheaper if you opt to go paperless. All your documents will be sent via email and you can also retrieve them from the Policy Manager.

Opt for Singapore Only cover

Want cover just for Singapore? You’ll get a discount on your insurance premium. A smart way to cut down your costs.

Off-Peak Car Discount

Reduce your premium even more if you drive an off-peak car.

Use affinity code TTSEUROCARS and get savings on your motorcycle and travel insurance too.


Motorcycle Insurance
Get comprehensive cover for stress-free protection. Customisable plans and wide range of optional covers.


Single and Annual Travel Insurance
Choose from our Basic or Comprehensive plan. Save more travelling with family or a group of friends.

Let’s get your insurance sorted! Remember to use affinity code TTSEUROCARS at checkout when buying your insurance online so you can enjoy a 5% discount on your premium.

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