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Don’t own a car or motorcycle?

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Spread the cheer this Chinese New Year with even more Ang Baos!

Know someone who owns a car or motorcycle? Refer them to register their vehicle for our “Free Ang Bao” campaign, and you'll both receive Ang Baos!

Here’s how it works.

We will send you a unique link upon verification of your details. Share the link with your family and friends or post it on your social networks.

For each one who successfully registers their vehicle details, you’ll receive at least $2.

Refer 20 friends and you’ll get a whopping $88. It’s a win-win! You get extra Ang Baos and your friends get $10 for registering their vehicle details.

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*Terms and conditions apply
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I registered and shared my link to all my contact list – thousands of my friends says they’ve registered with my link. Why does your email say I only get 2 referrals?

Thank you for your support and sharing our promotion to all your friends. We’re sorry to hear you only have 2 successful referrals. There might be a few reasons why this happened.

  1. People who are our current customers are not eligible to register for this promotion.
  2. People who have previously registered for either Ya Kun vouchers or the CashCard are not eligible for this promotion.
  3. When your friends or family sign up, if they don’t use your unique link at the time of registration, this won’t be counted in your favour.
  4. Their registration may not have been successfully validated.

For full terms and conditions, please visit www.budgetdirect.com.sg/refer-and-get-more-angbao for more info about the “Referral Program”

I registered with multiple emails because I have many vehicles. Why didn’t I get the maximum $88 amount? Why only $20 here and $2 there?

Congrats on receiving our free Ang Bao. We’re sorry to hear you didn’t get the maximum reward amount of $88.

When you successfully register, a unique referral link will be sent to the email address used for that registration. If others successfully register using your link, this will be counted against your unique referral link and email address. For this reason, we recommend sharing only one unique referral link to grow your referral ang bao to its maximum potential of $88.

For more info – you may refer to our campaign T&Cs here www.budgetdirect.com.sg/free-angbao

I’m your customer (or previous “Free Breakfast” or “Free NETS FlashPay card” registrants) why don’t I get the $10 Ang Bao?

Thank you for being our customer and your continuous support.

We know it is frustrating when offers are designed to attract new business; this was a reason we introduced the referral Ang Bao offer. Ahead of the campaign launch, the referral ang bao offer was shared with existing customers and people who had previously registered for our promotions, a head start on the referral program.

Please feel free to share your unique referral link with your friends and family. When others successfully register their vehicle details you can receive an ang bao up to a maximum of $88.

Visit www.budgetdirect.com.sg/refer-and-get-more-angbao for more info about the “Referral Program”

I don’t have a vehicle, but I want the Ang Bao, what can I do?

Anyone can register for this promotion at www.budgetdirect.com.sg/free-angbao. Please select the option “I don’t have a car” and fill-up your information. Our team will process the registration and you’ll receive a unique referral link to share with your friends and family. When people successfully register using your unique link, you’ll earn ang bao up to a maximum of $88.

I registered in January, it’s been months now – where is my Ang Bao?

We are sorry to keep you waiting. All ang baos will be sent no later than May 2, 2018. Previous campaigns have shown us people continue to sign-up months after the launch of the offer. This will help to grow your referral ang bao to its maximum potential of $88.

For more info – you may refer to our campaign T&Cs here www.budgetdirect.com.sg/free-angbao

I received the cheque but it’s a wrong name – how can I get a replacement?

Congrats on receiving your Ang Bao. Please call us at 6221 2111 or email help@budgetdirect.com.sg and we’ll need to check your registration info.

Cheques will be printed with the Bank Payee information you provided us at the time of your registration, if we have made an error, we will organise to replace your cheque.

Unfortunately, if the error is not ours, we’re unable to replace the cheque.

For more info – you may refer to our campaign T&Cs here www.budgetdirect.com.sg/free-angbao

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out below apply to the Budget Direct Insurance’s Referral Programme (the “Referral Programme”) organised in conjunction with the Free Ang Bao campaign:

  1. The Referral Programme encourages the existing customers of Budget Direct Insurance and participants of the Budget Direct Insurance’s “Free Breakfast” and “Free NETS FlashPay Card” campaigns (collectively, “Customers”, and each a “Customer”) to invite new customers to register for Budget Direct Insurance’s “Free Ang Bao” campaign.
  2. Each Customer will be given a custom URL which they can share with their family and friends.
  3. A referral of a new customer (‘New Customer”) by the Customer under the Referral Programme is considered successful only where:
    • the New Customer has never bought a policy from Budget Direct Insurance before;
    • the New Customer has not participated in Budget Direct Insurance’s “Free Breakfast” and “Free NETS FlashPay Card” campaigns;
    • the New Customer registers for the “Free Ang Bao” campaign by way of clicking through from the Customer’s custom URL; and
    • the New Customer is eligible to participate in the “Free Ang Bao” campaign, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the “Free Ang Bao” campaign, and is successfully registered during the period from 8 January 2018 to 28 February 2018 (dates inclusive) (“Qualifying Period”)
  4. An individual previously or currently insured under a policy issued by Budget Direct Insurance (each, a “Previous Policy” and “Previous Policies” shall mean all of them) will be considered as a New Customer where the individual is not a policyholder in any of the Previous Policies.

    Incentives for referring a New Customer

  5. Under the Referral Programme, the Customer will receive cash incentives for successfully referring New Customer(s) (“Referral Incentive”), in the following manner:

    Total number of New Customer(s) successfully referred Referral incentive (total amount)
    1 to 5 S$2 for each successfully registered New Customer
    5 to 9 S$20
    10 to 14 S$38
    15 to 19 S$68
    20 and more S$88
  6. There is no limit to the number of New Customers a Customer can refer.
  7. Upon validation of the number of referral(s) made at the end of the Qualifying Period (“Referral Programme End Date”), a Customer will receive the Referral Incentive, within two (2) months from the Referral Programme End Date, or such other date to be advised by Budget Direct Insurance.
  8. A Customer will receive a crossed cheque (“Cheque”) for the aggregate amount consisting of:
    • the Referral Incentive that the Customer is entitled to receive under the Referral Programme; and
    • (where applicable) $10 that the Customer is entitled to receive upon successful registration under the “Free Ang Bao” campaign
  9. The Cheque will be made payable to the Customer’s name in our records, and will be posted by ordinary mail to the Customer’s mailing address in our records. If the cheque payee name details and/or the mailing address provided by the Customer is incorrect or invalid in any way, Budget Direct Insurance is not obliged to re-issue the Cheque.
  10. If the Customer does not receive the Cheque by 2 May 2018, the Customer should call our Customer Care Centre at +65 6221 2111, Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 8pm, or Saturdays from 9am to 3pm (excluding public holidays) for assistance.
  11. General

  12. The terms and conditions of this Referral Programme may be amended by Budget Direct Insurance at any time without notice or incurring liability to any party. 
  13. The decision of Budget Direct Insurance is final. Any updates to these terms and conditions will be published on budgetdirect.com.sg