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12 + 2 Special Offer

Singaporeans love traveling and bargains. Here's both. For a limited time only, buy an annual travel insurance policy and get 14 months of cover. That’s getting two months of cover absolutely free.

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Most Singaporeans love to travel and go on holidays. And getting a great deal is quite possibly our favourite past-time. Budget Direct Insurance now helps you to do both with one purchase.

Buy an annual travel insurance policy with Budget Direct Insurance before 28 February 2017, and you will enjoy 14 months’ cover for the price of an annual travel policy that typically provides a 12 months’ cover. Yes, that’s two months of free cover.

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To see what is covered by an annual travel insurance policy with Budget Direct Insurance, click here for plan limits.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To enjoy this limited time offer:

    1. you must purchase a new annual travel insurance policy (“Policy”) from Auto & General Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Limited (trading as Budget Direct Insurance) (“Budget Direct Insurance”) from 16 January 2017 to 28 February 2017 (dates inclusive) (“Offer Period”);
    2. your insurance application and premium payment must be accepted by Budget Direct Insurance during the Offer Period; and
    3. the cover of the Policy must commence within 60 days from the purchase date.
  2. Only residents in Singapore may purchase, and be insured under, Budget Direct Insurance’s annual travel insurance policies. A “resident in Singapore” means a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or a holder of a valid Singapore government issued work pass or work visa, social visit pass, student’s pass or dependent’s pass. Please refer to the other terms and conditions of the Policy which are set out in the Product Disclosure Document issued by Budget Direct Insurance upon their acceptance of your insurance application.
  3. Budget Direct Insurance shall apply their standard underwriting criteria and requirements to all insurance applications, and reserve the right to reject in full or in part, any insurance application.
  4. This offer is not valid with any on-going or existing promotions, discounts, offers, vouchers, rebates or privileges.
  5. This offer is for a 12+2 months’ period of cover. All premiums paid will be applied to cover you for the first 12 months. You will be covered for free during the 13th and 14th month. The free 2 months’ period of cover is non-exchangeable for cash and non-transferable.
  6. If you had cancelled an annual travel insurance policy with Budget Direct Insurance within 60 days prior to your purchase of the Policy, you will not be eligible to enjoy this offer.
  7. If you cancel the Policy at any time during the first 12 months of cover, you will not be eligible to enjoy this offer. However, in such cases, you may receive a refund of your premium paid, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Product Disclosure Document. If you cancel the Policy after the first 12 months of cover, there will not be any refund of premiums.
  8. The terms and conditions of this offer may be amended by Budget Direct Insurance at any time without notice or liability to any party. The decision of Budget Direct Insurance is final. Any updates to these terms and conditions will be published on the website of Budget Direct Insurance at budgetdirect.com.sg