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Authorised workshops. What are they? And can you choose your own?

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When it comes to car repairs auto insurance companies generally prefer you to choose from their own list of authorised workshops, as this cuts down on their costs.

This means that you tend to pay a cheaper premium if you opt for the car  insurer’s authorised workshop as opposed to your own garage or dealer’s workshop.

That said, there are some circumstances in which you may want to pay extra to use your own workshop. Read on and find out all you need to know about authorised repair workshops.

1. You ask

Q: I'm driving a Kia Forte and I have my favourite mechanic and garage that I’ve been using for a long time. If I switch my auto insurance to Budget Direct Insurance would you allow me to choose my favourite accident repair workshop in Pandan?

We answer

Yes, for an additional fee you can choose to use your favourite Pandan workshop for accident repairs. Simply select the "any workshop" option when you get a quote with us, then you can have your car repaired at any workshop of your choice.

With this, you have the option to report your accident at one of our authorised workshops or accident reporting centres before repairing your vehicle at your own preferred garage.

You can read more about our wide range of optional car insurance covers here 

2. You ask

Q: What if my car is new and is still under warranty? What is the best option for car repairs?

We answer

If your car is new and still under warranty you have a choice. Either use the Budget Direct Insurance authorised workshops or choose ‘any workshop’ which allows you to go back to your own dealer’s workshop.

If your car is under warranty it is no longer the case that you will incur penalties if you decide to use the insurer’s authorised workshop. At the end of 2017 the Competition Commission of Singapore announced that it would prevent car dealers from locking owners into in-house servicing by voiding the warranties of vehicles that have been serviced elsewhere.

It’s good news for the consumer as it means you have the flexibility of being able to choose the cheaper option of the insurer’s authorised workshop without being penalised for it.

3. You ask

Q: How do you shortlist authorised repair workshops?

 We answer

First of all, we shortlist our authorised workshops based on their workmanship - such as tools, computer systems and essential equipment available - to ensure that these workshops can deliver a prompt and reliable service to our customers.

Secondly, repairs done at all our authorised workshop are guaranteed for 12 months. This guarantee applies to all affected/changed parts related to the accident repair.

Last but not least, to give our customers better choice and convenience, we select authorised workshops that are strategically located all over Singapore.

You can find more about authorised workshops, and their locations here.

We update this information whenever we add more garages.

When is it a good idea to pay extra for your own workshop?

If you have a less common European car or parallel import that is generally tricky to get spare parts for then it may well be worth paying the extra to opt for your own workshop. Also, if you have your own garage or mechanic that you know and trust and if peace of mind is priceless for you then you might want to stick with your own workshop. But at the same time, it’s important to know how much extra you are paying for that privilege so you can make an informed decision on whether it’s worth it.

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For more answers to your insurance questions - PLUS motoring analysis, news and tips, look out for regular posts in this series.

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