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Working Towards a More Sustainable Future With Budget Direct Insurance

Working Towards A More Sustainable Future With Budget Direct Insurance

At Budget Direct Insurance, we are committed to doing the right thing as a responsible business, by establishing strong corporate governance and integrating sustainable practices within our operations.


About Us - Environmental

Go Paperless

As a digital insurer, we strive to digitalise all internal paperwork and promote a paper-conscious work ethos. As a sustainable business practice, we adopt digital solutions such as project management tools and e-signatures. Reducing the need for physical printouts not only helps with our green efforts but also builds stronger business resilience. 

Most Budget Direct Insurance customers choose to go paperless too! We offer savings if our customers opt to go paperless. All documents can be sent via email and customers can also retrieve them from their Policy Manager.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

At our Budget Direct Insurance office, we take small steps to simplify and amplify the impact of our eco-friendly initiatives:

  • Internal documents containing confidential information are 100% securely recycled by a world-class document destruction provider. 
  • Avoid the use of disposable items such as plastic or Styrofoam cups. 
  • Mindful ordering of food for formal and informal gatherings and meetings.
  • Recycle bins are used to boost employees’ recycling efforts.
  • Promote the importance of e-waste recycling and offer our employees secure e-waste disposal service.

Our Authorised Workshops

We are proud to work alongside car workshops whose dedication to sustainability mirrors our own. Our authorised workshops are compliant with Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) guidelines in reducing air pollution. Damaged car parts are recycled, and waste oil is collected and disposed of responsibly. Please find our authorised workshops listed under our ‘Car Insurance’ section.

Employees & Community

About Us - Employees & Community

Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Policies

Budget Direct Insurance is committed to building diverse teams that strengthen our business and work culture with all employees being accountable for our ethics of respect, equity and inclusion. We have strong anti-discrimination policies thoroughly embedded in our working environment which outlines a zero-tolerance approach.

Making a Difference

We recognise the need to make a positive impact on the communities in which we work and live. We seek to make a difference by uplifting our communities and supporting relevant causes through financial contributions and volunteering programmes.


About Us - Governance

The foundation of our business is working with high integrity, high performance and utmost honesty. It is imperative that everyone who represents Budget Direct Insurance in any position or capacity carries the unwavering commitment to lawful and ethical conduct. 

We are committed to enforcing good corporate governance to ensure that the Company’s business is managed in a safe and sound manner.