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"Customers First" Commitment

Budget Direct Insurance makes it easier for you to buy quality cover at affordable prices in Singapore.

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Customers First Commitment

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At Budget Direct Insurance, we’re making it easier for you to buy quality cover at cheaper prices. As part of this, here is our Customers First Commitment based on three key ideas.

  1. A simpler insurance process.
  2. Our best price, every time.
  3. Work with the right people to get what you need, quickly.

Fast and cheaper insurance 

Insurance is more than just a product. At Budget Direct Insurance we also consider it to be a service. Every time you interact with us, we want each experience to be the best possible. Whether this is being able to get an initial price for your cover in less than 30 seconds, to receiving your policy documents in less than 10 minutes, no waiting times when you call us or making it easy to submit a claim, our goal is to make it really easy, simple and fast for you.

We’ve built our business with the sole focus of creating an exceptional customer experience, led by our team of customer care and claims executives. And if we don't get it right, please tell us. If you’ve got a suggestion on what we can do to make it easier to buy, understand, manage or claim on your insurance policy, please email us at [email protected]. Even if you choose not to become a Budget Direct Insurance customer, please feel free to share your feedback.

Everything is designed to make your insurance simpler, more efficient, easy to understand and less stressful.

Pay only for what you need

We realise every person is different, your insurance and premiums should reflect this. When you choose Budget Direct Insurance for your cover, you’ll receive great service at a no-frills price. Get comprehensive cover, customised to your individual needs, the car/motorcycle you own, who drives/rides it and how often it is used.

Under the Budget Direct Insurance Customers First Commitment:

  • You can buy quality cover at a cheap price.
  • There are no unnecessary extras automatically bundled into your policy - we won't sell you anything you don't need.
  • You’ll always receive our best price, without having to pay extra for a middleman.

Dedicated insurance executives 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy the right level of cover to match your needs – no matter if this is car, motorcycle or travel insurance. For this reason, you can choose to work with one of our customer care executives from start to finish, for all your policy updates, changes and renewals.

If you need to make a claim, one of our claims executives will be committed to helping you get life back to normal, as quickly as possible. Once your claim has been received, we’ll acknowledge this via email and include the name and contact details of your dedicated claims executive. They will call you once they have reviewed your claim to help to resolve it quickly. At the end of the process, we'll ask for your feedback; your comments will help us to continuously improve and enhance the service we offer.

This is part of our Customers First Commitment to you.