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Product Disclosure Document

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Here is a straight-forward easy guide to help you understand what is included in your Standard Car Insurance Product Disclosure Document and the Higher Risk Car Insurance Product Disclosure Document.​

Car insurance product disclosure document

Car Insurance Policy/Standard Plan​
Product Disclosure Document​
Last Updated: 16 March 2023

Higher Risk Car insurance product disclosure document

Car Insurance Policy/Higher Risk Plan​
Product Disclosure Document​
Last Updated: 16 March 2023


What is a Product Disclosure Document?

A Product Disclosure Document contains the general terms and conditions of your car insurance policy with us. It will help you make an informed decision about our car insurance policies. You should read it before finally deciding whether to buy and which policy best suits you.  

Your duty of disclosure. What does that mean?

This is information you must tell us when you buy your car insurance policy. We use it to decide whether to insure you and on what terms. When you provide us with this information, you are doing so for yourself plus anyone else who will be insured under your Policy.

Customer should be honest when they buy policy, be it first, second or third time.

When you renew, extend, vary or reinstate your Policy, you must let us know if there are any changes to your answers given to the questions we had asked previously and tell us every matter that you know or could be expected to know, which may be useful or relevant to us when we’re deciding whether to continue to insure you.

When material changes have taken place, you must update us immediately. For instance, change of driver or vehicle usage you must let us know. This includes any other information you gave us previously but which has now become incorrect or outdated because of a change in your circumstance.

If you do not tell us

If you do not comply with your Duty of Disclosure or update us about any material changes, we may reduce or refuse to pay a claim and/or cancel your Policy. We may also have the option to treat your Policy as if it never existed.

The Permitted Use of your Car

You won’t be covered if you use your vehicle for any purpose you haven’t declared to us. Your vehicle usage, which you have selected from the following categories, will be shown on your Insurance Certificate.

  1. Private and Commute Use. Car is used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and for travelling between home and a regular place of work only.
  2. Private and Occasional Business Use. Car is used for "Private and Commuting Use" plus it’s used for occasional business purposes by the Main Driver or any Named Driver. Occasional business means your Car is not registered for business use and is not an essential part of earning income for a business.
  3. Private and Business Use. Car is used for “Private and Commuting Use” plus it is used for the business and/or occupation by the Main Driver or any Named Driver.

Restrictions on Use of your Car

We don’t allow use of your Car for:

  • carrying passengers or delivering goods in connection with any trade or business. For example, a despatch rider or for courier purposes, whether paid or not, such as lalamove and Foodpanda. Plus Grab or Grabhitch and use of the car on any ride-hailing platforms..
  • for any purpose in connection with Motor Trade;
  • driving tuition or test, whether paid or not.
  • hire or rental to other people.
  • or any other purposes which we have not agreed to in writing.

We allow use of your Car for:

  • private car-pooling provided that no profit is made from such use and provided such arrangements are not made through a commercial service platform.
  • carrying of goods or samples which are not for sale or payment.

Excess on claims

An Excess is the amount you contribute towards the first part of your claim. The amount is shown in your policy schedule. Payment of an Excess helps to reduce the number of small claims and keeps your insurance premiums low.

Driver Plans

We offer two Driver Plans for our standard Car Insurance:

  1. Authorised Driver Plan - your Policy will cover any of the following people driving your Car when it is involved in an accident:
    - the Policyholder.
    - the Main Driver (the person who uses your car most frequently).
    - up to 8 Named Drivers (if any) and any Authorised Driver.

    However, if someone who lives with the Main Driver (i.e a Household Member) drives your car, you have to name them on your policy in order for them to be covered. A household member of the Main Driver who is not named as a Named Driver under the Authorised Driver Plan will not be covered under your policy.

  2. Named Driver Plan – your Policy will only cover the following people driving your Car when it is involved in an accident:
    - the Main Driver; and;
    - up to 8 Named Drivers (if any).

    Under this Plan, an Unnamed Driver will NOT be covered even if that driver is authorised by you to drive your Car.

We only offer the Named Driver Plan under the Higher Risk Car Insurance:

  1. Named Driver Plan – your Policy will only cover the following people driving your Car when it is involved in an accident:
    - We cover only 1 Main Driver and up to 2 Named Drivers, each of whom must be between 30 to 75 years old and have held a valid driving licence for 5 or more years.

    Under this Plan, an Unnamed Driver will NOT be covered even if that driver is authorised by you to drive your Car.

Note, all drivers are subject to terms and conditions shown in the full Product Disclosure Documents.

Additional optional covers

Personal Accident
We will pay according to the limits shown on your policy if you or an Insured Driver dies or is injured in an accident involving your Car.
Medical Expenses
If the insured driver or passengers of your car are injured in an accident involving your car, you are covered for medical expenses up to the maximum amount of S$500 per person per accident.
No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector
This optional NCD Protector cover is available if your NCD is more than 30%.
You will be allowed to keep your NCD level at the start of your Policy if you make no more than one claim within the same Policy Term. Not available for Higher Risk Car Insurance.
Overseas Emergency Allowance
If your Car is immobilised or lost for more than six hours following an accident, breakdown or Theft outside Singapore and within the area covered by your policy then you are protected. This includes cover for transport back to Singapore, arranging to tow your car back to Singapore (following a breakdown) and emergency phone calls. Also, your Policy will pay up to a sum of S$25,000 per person to cover medical evacuation fees.
24 Hours Roadside Assistance
This covers breakdowns, including burst tyres, loss of keys and running out of petrol, plus towing up to $200.
Transport Allowance
If your Car is damaged in an accident or stolen, we can pay you a transport allowance of S$50 per day when you submit a claim under your Policy.
Modifications and Accessories
We can repair, replace or pay cash for damaged or stolen Modifications or Accessories which are not part of the manufacturer’s standard fittings for your Car which you have previously declared and made payment to us.
Modifications and Accessories covered must comply with the law and recommendations by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.
Any Workshop
You can choose any workshop in Singapore to repair your Car. Otherwise, all repairs to or replacement of parts of your Car must be carried out by an Authorised Workshop.
Singapore Only
You will get a discount off the usual premium if you agree to drive your Car within mainland Singapore and Sentosa island only.
Windscreen Add-on
If only your Car windscreen or window is damaged due to an accident, we will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your Car windscreen or window up to two claims per Policy Term under a Third-Party plan

Your policy cover

Your Cover

The type of cover which you have selected will be shown in your Insurance certificate. We offer three covers that you can choose from:

Third Party Only. Covers only your legal responsibility for damage to other people's property and bodily injury or death to other people caused by an accident involving your Car. It does not cover any damage to your Car. 

Third Party, Fire and Theft. You get the same cover as “Third Party Only” plus cover for loss or damage to your Car only if it is stolen or catches fire. It doesn’t cover damage to your Car which is caused by attempted Theft of your Car or your loss due to items stolen from your Car.

Comprehensive. You get the same cover as "Third Party, Fire and Theft" plus protection for damage to your Car as well as damage to your Car's windscreen and windows.

Our service commitment

We strive to provide you with the best possible service. However, if you have any cause for complaint, please do contact us.

Policy owners’ protection scheme

Your Policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your Policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact Budget Direct Insurance or visit the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) or SDIC websites ( or