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Cheaper car insurance for women in Singapore

An even better deal for women motorists with Budget Direct Insurance. The insurer that rewards safe drivers.

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Did you know that women in Singapore get cheaper car insurance? According to a report by consumer researchers, ValueChampion, women pay an average of 10% less for their premium than men.

That’s because women are statistically considered to be safer drivers than men.

Simply put, statistic show that men have more traffic accidents than women. In fact, men are three times more likely than women to be involved in a fatal traffic accident according to a report by the World Health Organisation.

Of course, there are many other factors besides gender that go into calculating a motorist’s insurance premium including age and driving history. But all things considered, women tend to pay less for their insurance because they have a better safety record.

An even better deal for women motorists with Budget Direct Insurance. The insurer that rewards safe drivers.

That’s good news for women motorists and even better if you buy your car insurance with Budget Direct Insurance.

In an independent study of Singapore’s leading insurance companies, Budget Direct Insurance came up tops when it came to rewarding safe drivers. The study showed that we offer one of the biggest discounts on premiums to safe drivers – categorised in this study as those with a 50% No Claims Discount. In fact, for some drivers their premium price with Budget Direct Insurance more than halved if they had a 50% NCD. Find out more.

It makes sense that women drivers with a good safety record stand to get an even better deal on car insurance with Budget Direct Insurance, the insurer that rewards safe drivers.

Want more reasons to buy?

  1. Get customisable car insurance plans that let you choose the options you need such as our handy 24-hours roadside assistance. You only pay for the features you use. No bundles.
  2. Get an instant quote in 30 seconds and buy online or over the phone. Get insured and go! No time-wasting. We know your time is precious.
  3. We steer clear of risky drivers and insure safe motorists so that you don’t have to subsidise those who make multiple claims.
  4. Join our band of happy customers. Read what others are saying about our great products and first-class service on Feefo.

Get a quote today and see how much you can save!

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