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Delivering direct insurance that is "Cheap & Good"

Budget Direct Insurance Singapore makes it easier for you to buy quality cover at affordable prices.

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Delivering direct insurance
that is "Cheap & Good"

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Insurance is complicated, expensive and can only be bought via an agent.


Quality insurance can be purchased direct from the insurer at cheaper prices with a full-service experience.

For years, consumers believed buying quality car, motorcycle and travel insurance to be difficult and complicated and therefore used agents and middlemen to support them. This has helped agents, middlemen and traditional insurers to charge higher rates, and Singaporeans have been paying too much, for too long.

When you choose to buy with Budget Direct Insurance, we will offer you our best prices and the choice to select only the optional covers that meet your individual needs. All supported by a full customer care and claims team, who are based right here in Singapore.

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No Agent Commission

Make big savings when you buy directly from us. No middleman or agent commission.

Save up to 40% on travel insurance.
Save up to 20% on motor insurance.

So how do we keep prices low and still deliver fantastic service?

  • When you buy direct from us there is no commission cost; this means savings on the premiums you pay.
  • We ask about the person who drives the car most often, i.e., the main driver, and also ask how they use the car. This helps us to ensure everyone pays the right amount for how their vehicle is used.
  • We actively manage our costs, for example:
    • We don’t have fancy, marble-floored offices with expensive furniture. Instead, we typically source for office furniture from other like-minded businesses who offer quality products, direct-to-consumer, and at lower prices.
    • Using the latest Cloud technology, we deliver an excellent, secure experience without unnecessary overheads.
  • We deliberately recruit good people who like to get things done. We empower them to do the right thing by the customer, first time, and every time.
  • We will pay legitimate claims quickly and efficiently, which saves time and money. However, we will reject fraudulent claims to continue to keep costs low for our customers.

Want to know more?

Call our friendly team of Customer Care Executives at 6221 2111 or visit us at 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #03-01, Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924. We’re open  Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 8pm and Saturdays, 9am to 3pm (Closed on Sundays and public holidays).