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Car Insurance: Singapore’s Cheapest^ Comprehensive plans (2024) according to a consumer study

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Drive with Greater Peace of Mind with Singapore’s Cheapest^ Car Insurance for Safe Drivers (Comprehensive Plans)

Singapore’s Cheapest Comprehensive Plan for Car Insurance
Driver profile: 45-year-old married male with 5 years of driving experience and a 50% NCD, driving a 2020 Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2.5.

Singapore Cheapest Comprehensive Car Insurance
Budget Direct
Singlife with Aviva
Great Eastern
Premiums include default promotions as at (27/05/2022) valuechampion

^Based on an independent consumer research study. Comparison based on each insurer's base plan with no add-ons. Coverage features may differ. More details here.

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We offer the cheapest^ Comprehensive Car Insurance in Singapore! Learn more about our philosophy of delivering quality insurance at affordable prices.

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3 Types of Car Insurance (Standard) Plans to Choose From

Compare benefits, features, claim limits and optional extras for our different Car Insurance policies.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Highest level of cover for greatest peace of mind. Covers your liability for damage or injury/death caused to others and their property. Covers loss of or damage to your car by fire, natural disasters, vandals, theft or accident.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Third Party Fire and Theft
Car Insurance

An “in-between” plan. In addition to the Third Party Only cover, covers loss of or damage to your car by fire or theft.

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Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Third Party Only Car Insurance

Third Party Only
Car Insurance

Basic plan for budget-conscious motorists. Covers your liability for damage or injury/death caused to others and their property. Does not cover any loss of or damage to your car.

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Third Party Only Car Insurance

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Enhance your Car Insurance coverage

For an additional premium, you can customise your Comprehensive Car Insurance by adding one or more of these optional covers to your policy:

24 Hours Roadside Assistance

24 Hours Roadside Assistance

If your car breaks down you'll get 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. We'll never leave you stranded.

No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector

No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector

NCD of 30% or more? We recommend you protect it. Unlike NCD, please note that any protected NCD (NCD Protector) is not transferable from one insurer to another and having an NCD Protector does not protect the Policyholder against non-renewal or cancellation of their policy.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Death or injury benefit up to S$100,000 for the insured driver. Choose the amount of cover you want from S$20,000, S$50,000 or S$100,000 below.

Any Workshop

Any Workshop

If your car is unroadworthy after an accident we'll tow it to one of our authorised repair workshops. Or tow it to your preferred workshop if you chose the optional benefit 'Any Workshop'.

Transport Allowance

Transport Allowance

Get S$50 per day for a maximum of 10 days per accident and 20 days per policy year.

Overseas Emergency Allowance

Overseas Emergency Allowance

We'll pay up to S$1,000 for towing and S$200 per person plus emergency phone calls up to S$100. If you or your passengers are seriously injured and need to be evacuated we'll pay up to S$25,000 per person.

How do I add an optional cover to my policy?

You can add one or more of these benefits when you get a quote and buy a policy. If you’ve already bought a policy, then please contact us. Your additional cover if approved by us will take effect 7 days later. Once you’ve bought your policy the following covers cannot be added: Any Workshop, NCD Protector and Transport Allowance.

Please remember to always refer to our Car Insurance Policy Document for full details.

Product Disclosure Document | Higher Risk Car Product Disclosure Document

Our Car Insurance Quote Requirements


Get a quote using your Singpass with Myinfo. Otherwise, you may also fill out your personal and vehicle details manually.


Find out the No Claim Discount (NCD) you’re entitled to.


Be ready with details on your driving history (years of experience and claims history, if any).


Be prepared with details on additional driver(s), such as their particulars and claims history, if any.


Confirm your Driver Plans to only pay for what you need.


Declare your Vehicle Usage.

If you don’t have all the information on hand, don’t worry you can still get started on your quote. You can save it at any time and come back to it later. Remember that any mis-declaration may void your Car Insurance!

Common Car Insurance Questions

View All Car Insurance FAQs

Why do I need Car Insurance?

Car insurance, also known as motorcar insurance, vehicle insurance or auto insurance, provides vehicle owners financial protection against medical and liability costs arising from traffic incidents. Car insurance may additionally offer financial protection against vehicle theft and damage due to events other than car accidents, such as natural disasters and collisions with stationary objects.

What types of cover can I choose from?

We have three types of car insurance policies to choose from.

Third Party Only is the most basic car insurance plan and covers your legal responsibility for damage to other people’s property or bodily injury or death to other people caused by an accident involving your car. It doesn’t cover damage to your own car.

Third Party Fire and Theft covers the same as Third Party Only plus loss or damage to your car if it is stolen or catches fire.

Comprehensive covers the same as Third Party Fire and Theft plus any damage to your car up to its market value.

  • Comprehensive/Standard Car Insurance policy for low-risk drivers.
  • Comprehensive/Higher Risk Car Insurance policy for drivers who have had 2 or 3 at-fault accidents and/or claims within the last 3 years.
Can anyone drive my car?

We have two Driver Plans for you to choose from. Below the definitions of the plans are applicable excess amounts which may apply.

Authorised Driver Plan

This plan covers:

  • The Policyholder
  • The person who uses your car most frequently (i.e. the Main Driver), if not the Policyholder, and
  • Anyone else you allow to drive your car.

However, if you allow someone who lives with the Main Driver (i.e. a Household Member) to drive your car, you have to name them on your policy in order for them to be covered.

IMPORTANT: A Household Member who is not named as a Named Driver under the Authorised Driver Plan will not be covered under your policy.

Named Driver Plan

This plan covers ONLY:

  • The person who uses your car most frequently (i.e. the Main Driver), and
  • Persons you include on your policy as Named Drivers.

IMPORTANT: The Policyholder must also be listed either as a Named Driver or the Main Driver under the Named Driver Plan in order to be covered under your car insurance policy.


Type of Excess On Each and Every Claim**
Policy Excess S$600
Additional Excess  
Named Driver below 25 years old S$500
Named Driver with less than 2 years' valid driving licence S$500
Unnamed Driver 25 years old and above S$500
Unnamed Driver with 2 or more years' valid driving licence S$500
Unnamed Driver below 25 years old S$1,500
Unnamed Driver with less than 2 years' valid driving licence S$1,500

** before prevailing GST

Calculation of the total Excess payable on claims
The total Excess you have to contribute towards a claim is the aggregate of the Policy Excess and any Additional Excess(es) which apply.

If a claim involves an Unnamed Driver who was 24 years old and was holding a valid driving licence for less than 2 years, the total Excess payable would be S$3,600.00 computed as follows:

Policy Excess S$600
Unnamed Driver below 25 years old S$1,500
Unnamed Driver with less than 2 years' valid driving licence S$1,500
Total S$3,600
Do I have to tell you if I drive to work in my car?

Yes, when you go through our 'get a quote' process, we will ask you how you use your car. Here are the definitions of vehicle usage:

Private and Commuting Use is use of your car for social, domestic and pleasure purposes, and for travelling between home and a regular place of work only.

Private and Occasional Business Use is "Private and Commuting Use" above, plus use for occasional business purposes by the Main Driver or any Named Driver only. "Occasional Business" means your car is not registered for business use, and the use of your car is not an essential part of earning income for a business.

Private and Business Use is "Private and Commuting Use" above, plus use for the business and/or occupation by the Main Driver or any Named Driver only.

We allow:

  • Private car-pooling provided that no profit is made from such use.
  • Carrying of goods or samples which are not for sale or payment.

We do not allow:

  • Carrying of passengers or delivery of goods for payment.
  • Driving tuition or test (whether paid or not).
  • Hire to other people.
  • Any other purposes which we have not agreed to in writing.
Will there be a replacement car/ loss of use/ transport allowance when my car is undergoing repair?

There will be no replacement car. If you purchased our Transport Allowance optional cover we will pay you S$50 per day, capped at a maximum of 10 days per accident and subject to a total of 20 days per policy year. This optional cover includes an additional allowance of S$50 to "get you home" after an accident.

This Transport Allowance optional cover is only available for Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance policy types.

How does your No Claim Discount Protector work?

You can choose to protect your NCD under this Optional Cover. Refer to the table below for more details. This Optional Cover is only available to you if your NCD is 30% or more.

No. of claims made during Policy Term* NCD at commencement of Policy Term is 30% NCD at commencement of Policy Term is 40% NCD at commencement of Policy Term is 50%
One 30% 40% 50%
Two 0% 10% 20%
Three or more 0% 0% 0%

* Includes cases where an incident occurs during the Policy Term but the claim is made after the Policy Term has expired.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Singapore?
How do I compare car insurance prices in Singapore?

Our savings calculator gives you an idea of how much our customers saved on their car insurance premiums when they switched over to us. Use our savings calculator to estimate your savings by switching over to us. Find out what savings you can make on your car insurance.

How much is car insurance in Singapore?

The price depends on various factors, including the driver's age and driving history, occupation, and the type of car. Our savings calculator tool gives you an idea of our customers' savings when they switched to us from Singapore's leading insurance companies based on their car make. Find out more.