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What to do if your car catches fire in Singapore.

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Car fires are thankfully rare. But they can be extremely dangerous and distressing.  Get expert tips on what to do and how to make a car insurance claim should the worst happen.

In the last year in Singapore there have been three car fire incidents that have hit the headlines with dramatic and distressing footage being shared on social media.

In January 2018 a car lost control when braking on the PIE. The vehicle and driver spun 180 degrees before the car burst into flames. Two other cars were also involved in the incident but thankfully no one was hurt. It's thought the fire was started from the engine.

In November 2017 residents at a block of flats in Tampines heard several loud explosions when a parked Mercedes-Benz car caught fire. The fire service was called and extinguished the blaze within minutes and thankfully no one was injured.

Another motorist had a lucky escape when she alighted her parked vehicle in a Tiong Bahru carpark and found smoke billowing from it. Seconds later there was an explosion and the car was on fire. The driver called the emergency services who put out the fire. The car was just over four years old.

What to do?

If you smell or see smoke or think your car may catch fire, get out quickly, move away and call the emergency services. Alert others and keep them away. A fire will take hold very quickly and can cause an explosion.

Why do cars catch fire?

Experts say there is rarely one single reason behind most car fires, more likely a combination of human, mechanical and chemical issues. A car may overheat, leak fuel, short circuit or an accident can cause a fire when the petrol tank or engine has taken a major hit. A spark or a ruptured battery in your engine can cause a fire. Whatever the cause car fires are extremely dangerous because explosions can happen within seconds of discovering smoke.

Am I covered?

Generally if you have comprehensive insurance or Third Party Fire and Theft insurance then you are covered. All Budget Direct Insurance customers with either Comprehensive or Third-Party-Fire-Theft policies can make a claim.

Budget Direct Insurance will assess if your car is worth repairing or if it is beyond repair. If assessed to be beyond repair you will be given the Market Value of your car.

The Market Value is assessed by Singapore Customs and is the actual price paid for the vehicle during import or export. In other words, it includes the price of a vehicle plus the shipping cost, taxes and duties, or the total amount paid in order for you to acquire the vehicle in Singapore. Open Market Values can be checked online based on the car year, make and model.

Car fires can and do happen, although thankfully they are rare. Make sure you are not left out of pocket. Get covered with Budget Direct Insurance.

Want to know what the real chance of your car catching fire in Singapore is? Find out here.

Finally, check out this video from our partner Beh Chia Lor. A passing driver has captured the moment a car sets alight at traffic lights. See how quickly the fire gets out of control.

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