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Don’t buy your car insurance before you’ve read this! Here’s what NOT to do. Torque tells it like it is.

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Buying car insurance? Don't make these common buyer mistakes.

Scratching your head in confusion while selecting your car insurance? Or, did you skip reading the policy documents altogether because you never understand them? If so, you might be paying more than you should. We spoke to Budget Direct Insurance to find out four car insurance don'ts that might be costing you precious time and money.

budsy comprehensive cover

DON'T go through a middleman

It's a common perception - and one encouraged by the car insurance industry - that finding the right policy is time-consuming and complicated. We're often led to believe that we're best off engaging an insurance agent or broker. But did you know that going through an agent or broker costs you up to 15 to 20 per cent more, on top of your premium, every year? Save on these added costs by settling your insurance yourself. Plus, if Budget Direct Insurance can't beat your insurance renewal, they’ll give you $100, even if you don't buy their insurance!

DON'T bother with lengthy discussions

Forget long discussions with an insurance agent or broker. You know what car you drive, how long you’ve driven it for and who drives it. Budget Direct Insurance can give you a quote online within 30 seconds and a policy in around 10 minutes. Talk about a time saver! 

DON'T pay for stuff you don't need

Budget Direct Insurance offers a DIY package, which includes a base package with the minimum coverage, plus the option to add on other elements and benefits, all of which are competitively priced. This means you only pay for what you need.

third party

DON'T gloss over the jargon

Budget Direct Insurance makes "adulting" easy with Budsy the "spokes-puppet". The colourful puppet mascot translates industry jargon into language that everyone can understand. Now you can find out what "comprehensive" and "third party" actually mean! No plowing through pages of information you probably don't need and won’t read - just straightforward talk.

Budget Direct Insurance makes it quick and easy for you to choose the best policy - without going through an agent and without all the confusing phrases. You can count on getting a car insurance policy at the best and most affordable price. In fact, Budget Direct Insurance is so certain that it can beat your insurance renewal rate that if it can't, it will reward you with $100 in cold, hard cash, even if you don't buy their insurance - and everyone loves a freebie.

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