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Toyota Wish. A Dream Come True?

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There comes a point in every man’s life when you have to concede that you are no longer the virile young chap you used to be. Instead, you’ve done national service and produced a couple of offspring. You’re now ready to settle down and raise those kids! And you’ll probably need a reliable, affordable family car to get your happy crew out and about.

1) So, what now?

Depending on how many offspring you have produced, you may want to consider getting yourself a multi-purpose vehicle, or MPV. These are usually more practical than regular cars and can accommodate more on your family outings. A lot of MPVs come with seating for seven, so if you happen to have had five children (or two kids + friends), there’s no problem there.

2) Great. What’s the most popular MPV?

In Singapore at least, the Toyota Wish has to be one of the most popular MPVs on our roads. You see them everywhere. Some of them even do double duty as practical people movers for Uber and Grab private hire.

Indeed, even though the Wish has been on sale for nearly a decade, and with hardly any major changes, it maintains a consistently strong position on the sales charts in Singapore. It’s a huge hit with families in Singapore!

3) What makes it so popular?

Simple. The Wish’s appeal lies in its, well, simplicity. It’s a fuss-free Japanese family car that has everything that a family needs. It is easy to drive, yet its footprint is not much bigger than a regular car, making it easy to manoeuvre around town.

It is relatively affordable, both to purchase and to maintain, and its popularity means that servicing and spare parts won’t become a major problem. It also ranks among the most fuel efficient seven-seater MPVs around – saving you more money for diapers!

It's cheap to insure too. Take a look at how much it would cost you to insure with Budget Direct Insurance. This is based on a 45 year-old married man in his 40s with 10 years driving experience and a 50% NCD.

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*Premiums shown are indicative. Actual premiums may vary based on various factors. 

The Toyota Wish is, as you would expect, easy-going to drive. It won’t make the Formula 1 circuit, but the engine offers enough to satisfy. There’s plenty of scope for customization - room to install a banging audio system if that’s your kind of thing. Or more feasibly, a video entertainment system to distract or ‘entertain’ the rear passengers (i.e. kids) while on long road trips. Talk about a perfect fit!

Most importantly, a Toyota equals Japanese bomb-proof reliability. The last thing a family man wants is for his car to break down while ferrying his harried kids to their next activity, so Toyota brand reliability has always been a big sell.

Sure, there are plenty of other choices if you are looking for a seven-seater MPV, but if you want something simple that ticks all the right boxes, then the Toyota Wish will probably make your, erm, dream come true!

For more car reviews and motoring tips, look out for regular posts in this series.

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