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Put the Brakes on Bad Driving in Singapore

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A message from the CEO of Budget Direct Insurance

Latest road traffic accident statistics make for grim reading. Stay with me – I know the temptation is to switch off right now – but I feel we’ve been turning the other way for far too long.

To give you some context, in 2023 the number of fatal road accidents hit a seven-year high, with many being blamed on motorists speeding, drink-driving, and running red lights. One hundred and thirty-six people died in road traffic accidents last year.

Just pause for a minute – that’s 136 lives lost unnecessarily, and countless families left heartbroken and destroyed. It’s easy to skim over the numbers, but there is tragedy and heartache in every one of those statistics. As we quickly scroll through such news, spare a thought – that statistic could well be one of us, our loved ones, or our children because we are all vulnerable to careless motorists.

And we are talking about complete carelessness here, a total disregard for other road users. For instance, there was a significant rise in the number of accidents caused by motorists merely failing to keep a proper lookout, unable to maintain proper control of their vehicle, and changing lanes without due care.

To address this worrying surge in accidents and fatalities, the police said they would take a “tougher enforcement stance” against irresponsible road users. This will include more speed cameras, especially at locations that are “more accident-prone or violation-prone,” more effective training of learner drivers, and more targeted public messaging.

The police urged motorists to exercise responsibility, drive with care, and respect traffic rules.

But I sense a growing dissatisfaction among some newspaper commentators and columnists who say we have heard it all before. Of course, plans for new stringent measures are very welcome and will certainly help towards making our roads safer. But there is a concern that motorists have become more brazen in the knowledge they can get away with it, that no one really cares. There is a sense that any new measures we adopt, therefore, are not as important as ensuring that we, the driving public observe the laws and adhere to them. For this to happen, motorists must be given a clear signal – that perpetrators will be caught and dealt with harshly.

As with most things, though, there is not one simple, single solution.

We, the safe driving community at Budget Direct Insurance, can make a difference. It isn’t enough for us to complain – we must start creating the change. Being the change that we want to see.

Whether it's buckling up our kids in car seats or child seatbelts for starters, or not rushing to fill the gap in front when someone is indicating to move into your lane, which is not only dangerous but creates tension for others and ourselves too. It’s totally unnecessary. Why do we need to speed anyway? What does it matter if we get to where we’re going a couple of minutes quicker? Driving badly to work or elsewhere sets you up for a bad mood for the rest of the day. It’s a stress we can all do without. What’s the point of this “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude? As the saying goes, when they go low, we go high – perhaps we should remember that next time a rude driver cuts in on us and we decide to pay it forward by doing the same. Let’s break the cycle – put the brakes on bad driving – the next victim could be your child or your loved one.

By taking responsibility for our actions on the road, we can collectively make a significant impact. It’s about fostering a culture of respect and safety, where every driver is accountable. Together, we can turn the tide on these devastating statistics and ensure a safer future for everyone on the road.

Simon Birch,
CEO of Budget Direct Insurance