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Free and cheap motorcycle parking in Singapore

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People choose to travel by motorcycle for a variety of reasons, but one aspect that all motorcyclists enjoy is the ease and the low price of parking – to a certain extent.

Frequently motorcyclists in Singapore are disregarded when it comes to parking, whether it is commercial buildings that don’t offer motorcycle parking at all, or even the more extreme Sentosa arrangement where motorcycles (other than those belonging to residents and delivery riders) are banned entirely.

Still, it is easy enough to avoid Sentosa, and with a little planning, motorcyclists can park at affordable rates – even free!

Free motorbike parking

The best things in life are free. And it’s hard to imagine anything in Singapore being free, but there are places that allow motorcyclists to park for nothing at all. There are around 150 shopping centres and commercial buildings in Singapore that offer free parking for motorcyclists. Check them out on Google Maps here

Not only can planning ahead like this save money, it can also save the trouble of being caught at the boom gate of a carpark that doesn’t allow motorcycle parking, which can be a nightmare scenario.

Motorcycle parking coupons

The standard rate for Housing Development Board (HDB) or URA motorcycle parking is only $0.65 from 7am to 10:30pm or from 10:30pm to 7am the next day. Riders are required to purchase coupons in books of 10 from petrol kiosks, 7-Eleven, and Cheers outlets, among others.

Motorcycle parking coupons need to be displayed clearly, and have to have the registration number written on them (they can ‘go missing’ if you fail to do so; best to fill in the details on the whole book at home where you are sure to have a pen), and the appropriate year, month, date, and day or night tabs removed.

Parking app for motorcyclists

Alternatively, motorcyclists can pay via the Parking.sg app

The app requires motorcyclists to key in their vehicle number, indicate their parking duration, and select the correct car park code, indicated on the signage at the entrance of public car parks and along kerbside car parks.

Parking charges for motorcycles are capped at $0.65 cents per day or night session per car park, similar to current coupon rates, though if you’re using multiple car parks in a day, the old coupons may save you some money.

Motorcyle HDB season parking tickets

HDB delivers when it comes to cheaper parking for motorcyclists, with potential estimated savings getting up to about $492 a year.

HDB residents who hold HDB Season Parking Tickets for their motorcycles can purchase Concessionary Season Parking Tickets (CSPT), allowing them to park at motorcycle lots in HDB and URA car parks island-wide, for a flat monthly fee. (The URA car parks at Bayfront Avenue and URA Centre East Wing, as well as other car parks which URA manages for other government agencies, such as Sport Singapore and JTC Corporation, are excluded from the CSPT scheme.)

Still, the flat fee of $20 per month, including the Season Parking Ticket (which cost $15 for uncovered and $17 for covered spaces), represents a potentially huge saving – URA reckons riders could save as much as $492 a year.

With the CSPT scheme, motorcyclists will be able to park in the reserved lots at their registered car park, but only in the white lots of HDB car parks in which they are not registered.

The CSPT scheme is only available to HDB residents (i.e. owner, authorised occupier or approved subtenant of an HDB flat, or subtenant of a room, or owner/tenant of an HDB shop with living quarters), who hold a valid HDB motorcycle SPT, and have a motorcycle that is Singapore registered and owned by the CSPT holder, or in the case of a company-registered motorcycle, be assigned to the CSPT holder.

The CSPT can be purchased via HDB e-Services or at HDB Branches.

Space savers

As motorcycles are smaller than cars, discounted parking rates make sense, though some car-park designers take the compact size thing too far. Some spaces are designed with almost impossible entry angles, which may not be such a problem on a scooter, but enough to give Harley-Davidson riders pause for thought.

Riders of larger and less maneuverable motorcycles have to learn where there are spaces that are suitable, and should be aware that parking in spaces designated for cars can cause problems. One Harley Davisdon owner even took his condo to court following a parking row.

Often at roadsides, designated motorcycle parking spaces are placed at the end of a row of parallel parking spaces for cars. Parking in these is placing a fair amount of faith in the ability of car drivers to safely parallel park their vehicles. Be aware that motorcycle dominos can be an unfortunate side effect.

Particularly in older areas, such as Chinatown, there are often designated motorcycle parking spaces in laneways, which offer more out-of-the way, and hopefully safer, places to park.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’s vital to have good motorcycle insurance.
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