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Traffic accidents. Concern over rise in elderly pedestrian deaths

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Motorists are being urged to do their bit to keep elderly pedestrians safe.

According to latest statistics, 28 elderly pedestrians were killed in road traffic accidents in 2016. That’s a significant increase of 21.7% from the previous year.

Road accidents in which the elderly sustained injuries increased by 30% with 268 being reported last year.

A large number of these accidents involved elderly pedestrians jaywalking.

Accident hot spots

Traffic police say motorists not keeping a proper lookout and not giving way to these pedestrians mainly cause elderly fatalities. Accident hot spots include Outram, Bishan and Serangoon.

Main cause

Police are now urging motorists to take extra care and be on the lookout for pedestrians when driving. Traffic police say accidents have arisen when motorists turning right at traffic junctions have failed to look out for pedestrians who were still crossing the road. 

Elderly pedestrians are also being encouraged to play their part in road safety by refraining from jaywalking. A test kit to help strengthen road safety awareness among pensioners has been launched and includes advice about the dangers of jaywalking. 

Road Master Test Kit to educate elderly pedestrians

The Road Master Test Kit is aimed at helping the elderly gauge their road sense and strengthen their road safety awareness. It helps to assess eyesight, hearing and reaction time, factors that impact on their safety on the roads:

  • Dispensers for these test kits have been placed at some bus stops. Using their Senior Citizen Concession EZ Link Cards, pensioners can redeem a test kit.
  • The kit will also be available at Senior Activity Centres and community events.

For more motoring warnings and tips, look out for regular posts in this series.

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