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Best, new long-haul budget flights from Singapore. Plus survival tips for no-frills flying.

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Low-cost carriers, budget airlines or no-frills flying – in the last few years we’ve all enjoyed a quick cheapy get away, haven’t we?

They offer great value for money and globally low-cost carriers make up around 20 percent of the airline market and it’s growing.

Fares are cheap but the down side is there are charges for all kinds of extras; reserved seating, drinks, even booking over the phone...the list goes on.

Fine for a short hop but as these carriers move into the long-haul market can you survive 12 hours with no frills?

The travel team at Budget Direct Insurance shows you how.


Before you fly budget long haul you must get into the budget mindset and plan ahead.

Once you accept you will not be sipping a welcome glass of wine or even juice while catching up on the latest blockbuster movie then you are halfway there!


Firstly, think about making yourself comfortable from the moment you log in to book.

You need to make lots of decisions ahead of your flight, mainly because it is cheaper. So ...

Decide how much luggage allowance you need.

What meals and drinks do you need on the flight?

Legroom is always an issue. Check what you get and pay for more if you are tall or need it.

Business budget class means just that. More room but it is still budget business class.

Pay ahead for the entertainment system, which is usually not free on budget flights. Download any airline apps to access this before you get on the flight.

If you need wifi on the flight book this ahead.

Download films or TV programmes on your own device and take a power bank. You will probably pay to charge your device.

Scoots’ 787 Dreamliners also have a Scootinsilence zone, which means you can travel in a section with no children under 12 years old, but it will cost you extra. There’s also an option to MaxYourSpace on Scoot with a facility to buy up to two spare seats next to you, if they are available when you check in.

What to take on the flight

Remember no-frills flights will charge for everything so instead of paying through the nose bring it with you.

Planes can be cold at times and budget airlines usually don’t give out blankets or pillows.

Bring your own socks, neck pillow, eye mask, ear-plugs, a large sweater or light blanket.

Budget airlines will probably charge you for water so take an empty water bottle and fill up in the departure lounge (after clearing security) where there is usually a water fountain.

Some airlines may not allow you to take your own food, check to see what their policy is and, if they allow it, pack yourself something nice. If they don’t allow food eat a snack or packed food at the airport before you go to the gate.

Flight times

Make sure you really are ok at getting to the airport and flying in the middle of the night. Budget airlines tend to have more of the graveyard departure slots and if missing a night’s sleep will have a major impact on your holiday or health then you may want to think again.

Do the maths

After you have opted for many of the optional extras to make your long haul flight as comfortable as possible go compare the same flight with another, non budget, airline. With add-ons you need to make sure you are still getting a good deal.

Are budget airlines safe?

The service and what you get may differ, but all budget airlines have to adhere to the same international safety regulations and flying standards as any other airline.

Our pick of the best no-frills, long-haul flights from Singapore


In September 2017 Norwegian Air announced the launch of its non-stop flights from Singapore to London Gatwick Airport. You can fly direct to the UK capital for as little as S$260 one-way. Flight time is 13 hours.


Scoot (the budget arm of Singapore Airlines) now flies direct to the Greek capital. It’s Scoot’s first venture into the long-haul market and first to a European destination. Prices around S$350 one-way and flight time is just over 11 hours.


Scoot, Jetstar and AirAsia X all fly direct to Sydney (8 hrs), Melbourne (7 hrs, 30 mins), Gold Coast (7 hrs, 30 mins) and Perth (5 hrs).


IndiGo is a budget airline with its HQ in India. With a stop-off in Chennai International Airport in India you can fly on to Muscat, the capital of Oman, for as little as S$250 one way.

New Zealand

Jetstar Airways flies to Auckland and Christchurch with one-way flights, stopping off in Melbourne, starting at around S$290.


Yes, no-frills long haul to Honolulu! Scoot flies via Osaka from as little as S$500 one way. AirAsia X also flies there but with more stops.

Is no-frills, long haul for you? The secret is to plan ahead and check what you do and don’t get. Expect the minimum for free and you won’t be disappointed! As well as grabbing a bargain on your flight, you’ll also want one on your travel insurance, right? Check out Budget Direct Insurance for your best deal.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel cover.
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