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Get your travel insurance claim approved without hassle. Expert tips.

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Have you ever had your luggage lost in transit or worse, fallen ill while on holiday? These events can turn your holiday into a nightmare. Getting a travel insurance policy will give you peace of mind.

But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Making good on your claim is not always smooth-sailing as insurers have strict rules regarding documentation and the procedure to be followed.

Keep the following in mind if you ever need to file a claim:

Risks covered by travel insurance

Most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses, loss of personal effects and baggage, expenses due to trip delays and cancellations, and baggage delays.

According to consumer researchers, ValueChampion, in a recent survey, medical expenditures were the most frequently claimed events by Singaporeans, with loss or damage of baggage being the second most frequently claimed event.

The rules on insurance claims can be confusing. Be sure you study the terms on your policy carefully to know exactly what you are covered for.

Pre-existing illnesses

Note that generally you will not be covered for any pre-existing medical conditions that flare up while you are overseas. Even if you are not taking medications for the condition but are seeing a doctor you will have to inform your insurer about it.

Steps to getting your travel insurance claim approved

*Provide proper documentation to your insurance company. This means for example that a claim for medical expenses will need to be accompanied with original invoices, medical reports and the hospital discharge summary.

*For a theft, you will have to provide a police report. Even though it may be a hassle, you will need to head to a local police station in the country of loss to make a report about your stolen baggage or possessions. This is a must if you want your claim to go through.

*Provide purchase receipts for the lost items. If you do not have the purchase receipts, make a note of the serial numbers of big-ticket items like laptops and cameras before your trip. You may also want to take a time-stamped photograph of your valuables. Take the photo on your handphone.

Ensuring claims are genuine

The reason insurance companies have become increasingly vigilant is because a large number of travel insurance claims are fake, the General Insurance Association was quoted as saying in ValueChampion.sg.

Given that many claimants fabricate documents and inflate claim amounts, insurance companies need to be cautious to prevent fraudulent claims from being passed.

If you need to make a travel insurance claim, do provide all the information needed, along with documentation that backs your claim. This will enable you to get a fast response from your insurer and receive your insurance reimbursement without too much delay.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel cover.
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