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First time guide. 7 ways to enjoy Phuket

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Visit the Wat Karon Night Market, sample tantalising street food, dive in crystal clear waters. If you haven’t been to Phuket in Thailand, you haven’t lived. This is your first time guide. 

1. Getting there

Travelling from Singapore to Phuket takes just under two hours by plane. The currency in Phuket is Baht, so make sure to change your money before flying over.

2. Flights from Singapore

Cheap flights are always available from Singapore to Phuket. Airlines such as AirAsia and Tiger Air provide the cheapest rates. June is more expensive. Pre-ordered meals are available.

3. Accommodation

Holiday Inn, is a good 4-star hotel located along Patong beach. This hotel has lots of amenities for children. Once you exit the hotel, the breathtaking beach is just opposite!

4. Activities on the beach

On the beach you can find anything from oil massages and hair braiding to jet skiing and parasailing. After you are done, walk along the beach and visit the neighbourhood shops selling clothes and accessories. Local arts and crafts are popular and inexpensive.

5. Transport 

Phuket’s only public transport is known as the “tuk-tuk”. This is a three wheeler motorised vehicle – a lot of fun!

Please note - It is important to check the price before getting on as you don’t want to pay over-inflated ‘tourist’ prices.

6. Food

When in Phuket, street food is a must. Try local cuisines and indulge in new flavors. Night markets such as Wat Karon Night Market offer a huge variety of street food to tempt your taste buds. Famous dishes include Thai pancakes, Tom Yam, Pad Thai, Som Tam, Red and Green curries. Yum!

7. Island hopping 

Many tourists opt for an island hopping tour. These tours include places such as Tachai Island, Rok Islands, Coral island and more. There are lots of activities to choose from.  Make sure to plan your itinerary properly, fact and price check before you leave! 

Please note - be careful with valuables and money. Things have been known to go missing on the boats, especially when tourists are off the boats for any period of time. 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good travel cover.
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