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The ultimate interactive travel-packing list for Singaporeans.

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One of the most frustrating aspects of going overseas can be making sure you manage to pack every necessary item. Too much and you’re loaded down with clutter. Too little and you’re left high and dry.

Singaporean travellers need fret no more though. The team at Budget Direct Insurance has put together one of the very first interactive travel pack checklists specifically aimed at Singaporean travellers. The interactive tool cleverly tailors your list to your unique requirements. All you have to do is answer a few questions and from there it will create a suggested list based on things such as your destination, your length of stay and whether you’re travelling solo or with children. You can modify the suggestions and within minutes your travel list will be sent to you via email. Quicker than you can say bon voyage!

Here’s how to create your own travel-packing list.

Step 1.

Select details about you and your trip. For instance:

Are you having a staycation or going overseas?

Will your destination be hot or cold?

Will you be skiing, diving, camping or is it a beach holiday or a business trip?

Any children or pets joining you?

Will you be doing your own laundry?

How many nights stay?

Step 2.

Click ‘create your list now.’ A list of items to pack for your trip will appear.

Step 3.

Customise your list by adding or removing items.

Step 4.

Print or email your list and you’re done. It’s simple and easy to use.

Handy for all types of holidaymakers

The ultimate travel pack list caters to all kinds of holidaymakers and their travel plans. From beach holidays and camping to skiing and business trips, it can give you the best advice unique to your requirements. Input the length of stay of your holiday and it will let you know exactly how many items per piece of clothing you’ll need. For instance, how many pairs of socks are you going to need? Plus, will you be washing your clothes? The more specific you can be, the more useful your packing list. Parents of young children will find the interactive tool particularly helpful. Packing for youngsters can be a mammoth task especially for busy working parents struggling to find the time. The list is comprehensive right down to remembering your baby’s medication and comforters. Nothing has been overlooked.

Whatever the weather.

Your ultimate travel-packing list will also feature a weather widget. It tells you the temperature of your destination and from there will advise you on what to pack. For example if you’re heading for sub-zero temperatures in Japan it will tell you what you need to keep warm. Not only that, if you’re skiing it will create a comprehensive pack list of all the items you’ll need for snowboarding or skiing whether your travelling solo or with the kids or even your pet.

If you’re heading to Europe or the US and you’re unsure what the weather will hold then it will provide you with that information. Plus, of course, how to pack accordingly.

Essential items

Essentials such as money and documents, medication and international items may seem obvious but now you have the ultimate checklist to make sure you won’t be left stranded. Tricky little items that are easy to overlook such as multi-country adapters are also included on the list and can be a lifesaver when you’re overseas.

Let the ultimate interactive travel-packing list take the stress out of travel.

And one final thing… don’t forget your travel insurance!

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Amazing interactive tool that helps you pack for your holidays. Try it!

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